translation: Jang Ok Jung Episode 11 written preview

옥정은 장현에게 혼자선 원하는 것을 얻을 수 없다는 것을 깨달았다며 장현과 손 잡겠다 한다. 한편, 인현과 옥정은 정명공주를 대궐 연회에 참석시키기 위해 각자의 방법대로 연회복을 만드는데…

Ok Jung decides to join hands with Jang Hyun as she realises that she can’t achieve what she wants by herself. In Hyun and Ok Jung are asked to attend Princess Jeong Myeong’s banquet at the palace. In preparation for this, each woman find their own way to make their banquet outfit…

Not the most exciting and informative preview. But it’s kinda of a no brainer that OJ is gonna trash IH in the Best Dressed department for the banquet. You can be sure OJ is goin’ to turn up in some kick-ass, gorgeous hanbok, while IH is going to look so pale and washed out in her usual lifeless, pastel palette. No points for guessing who LS will be oogling at and fantasising of during the banquet.

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11 thoughts on “translation: Jang Ok Jung Episode 11 written preview

  1. Thank you for the translation! The written preview did not give much away. Probably the team is still working on the editing for another “oomph” episode! I suppose what is certain is what we see in the written preview. Can’t wait for episodes 11 and 12 next week and your recaps!

  2. this preview was rather boring..i expected something much more exciting..i hope the upcoming episode is better than what this preview promises

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