bad guys season 2 releases ripping teaser

This is such a guy’s guy show but I’m totally lapping it up. I bet the actors are having a ball filming this. Joo Jin Mo did mention that it was an all-male… Continue reading

take tote

Kim Ji Won dons winter wear paired with matching purses for her latest pictorial. Love this girl and just waiting for her to sign on for a new drama – hopefully with an… Continue reading

sageuk knight?

This is Kim Rae Won’s first foray into sageuk, according to the media. Thanks to Black Knight, we get to see him in traditional garb. I’m not sure whether he has been intentionally… Continue reading

when he smiles…

Hong Jong Hyun is suddenly becoming an ambassador for most things geared towards attracting foreign interest. He has been appointed a smile ambassador by the Visit Korea Committee and the official ceremony was… Continue reading

swingin’ single

Seo Ye Ji is 100% nymph for Singles magazine. The pictorial was shot in Sydney and the actress’ delicate, ethereal beauty blended seamlessly with the city’s picturesque land- and cityscape. She was lauded… Continue reading

model movement

I love it when model-actors model. They pose with deliberate accuracy yet there is a casual, relaxed confidence to their movements. They are rarely caught in awkward poses or positions on the red… Continue reading

noona + dongsaeng

Awww… Yoona was seen with the adorable Ki Do Hoon, her co-star in The King Loves and fellow SM artiste, at the cafe at SM quarters. He looks as if he is naturally… Continue reading

court lady

Jung Ryeo Won showcases her eternally refreshing beauty in Instyle Korea. She pretty much hasn’t aged since I first saw her in My Lovely Sam Soon. I loved her in Autumn Shower, and… Continue reading

black knight finally drops black-ish 3rd teaser

Can I just ship Seo Ji Hye with Kim Rae Won instead? I like their combined gorgeous, glamorous, stark bleakness, and jaded charisma. I can envision them looking aesthically great together. More of… Continue reading

shooting the breeze

Kim Ah Joong flaunts her lithe figure for Lacoste and Marie Claire Korea around San Francisco in the brand’s latest collection. I love the preppy-breezy chic vibe of the shoot, shot against watery… Continue reading

pegged profile

Lee Dong Wook is fashionably grim for Esquire Korea. No word yet on when and what would be his next project though he recently filmed a music video. I guess he would be… Continue reading

hong jong hyun chats about wang rin & thanks song ji na for writing such a cool character

I read through the article and decided my brain cells were worth getting fried because I love reading Hong Jong Hyun’s take on the iminitable Rin. I was smiling as I was translating… Continue reading