coffee cheer

Choi Ji Woo cheered on good friend, Kim Tae Hee, with a coffee truck sent to the set of the latter’s new drama, Hi Bye Mama! The two are known to have grown… Continue reading

a sense of his taste

Eric looks as if he is filming Three Meals A Day, only with less sweat, nicer hair and without Lee Seo Jin and Yoon Kyun Sang hovering over gim. He is a chef… Continue reading

romancing the season

New posters for JTBC series, I’ll Come To You When The Weather is Nice. It’s all wintry and white like some ad for a ski resort. Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Young… Continue reading

some decent play in the game

I’ve watched the first two episodes of The Game and it is all right. Not addictive or heart-pounding but there is some excitement in how the side stories filter to the main narrative.… Continue reading

cool to cute

I actually didn’t plan to watch the new MBC variety show, Birds Of A Feather, but I just might after reading that Lee Soo Hyuk is really funny and cheeky in it. He… Continue reading

brains & bromance

Shin Dong Wook as the friendly, unfazed orthopaedic surgeon Bae Moon Jung is one of the nicer additions to the cast of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2. I actually think a romance between… Continue reading

all secrets revealed

The lead-up to the kiss between Lee Kyung and Eun Bo wasn’t too bad since he did kiss her while fully aware of her identity. The execution was a little awkward though. It… Continue reading

an unforgettable performance

Oh man. I REALLY MISS having My Country to kick-start my weekends. To cope, I shall reminisce on the aspects that I really loved about the drama. Shall start with Yang Se Jong… Continue reading

becoming the king’s woman

It’s the first kiss between Lee Kyung and Eun Bo as man and wife. Eun Bo ended up as his concubine and not his queen – though she won the official selection –… Continue reading

rising to the challenge

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 continues to excite, intrigue and move viewers with its sleek blend of medicine and human relationship. Ahn Hyo Seob thrives as the well-written Seo Woo Jin, and has… Continue reading

bright days ahead

Lee Jun Ki sent his Lunar New Year wishes to fans with sunny images of himself. He is up for a new tvN thriller drama with Moon Chae Won this year; though I… Continue reading

hyena drops character teasers

Kim Hye Soo and Joo Ji Hoon sizzle in their respective character teasers for Hyena. Kim Hye Soo is just so darned good and fabulous to watch in such roles. The interweaving of… Continue reading