chanyeol croons stay with me at kcon australia

AHHHHHHHH. I love it when Chanyeol sings Stay With Me ‘live’. And all the wonderful feels from the Goblin video playing in the backdrop. Anyway, he has sung this quite a number of… Continue reading

wild man

Well, that is the title given for this sublime pictorial of Hong Jong Hyun I dug out out of my personal collection to share since the man himself has chosen to go off… Continue reading

yoo ji tae + park chan wook for ermenegildo zegna

A charismatic actor-director combination if any but Park Chan Wook has worked with literally every charismatic Korean actor in Chungmuro there is, and Yoo Ji Tae is just one of them. The pair… Continue reading

about the moment, not the angle

One of the best, most natural, least orchestrated dating scene filmed ever. I love the low-key intimacy and easy skinship between Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong in this scene. Nothing excessive… Continue reading

not gonna wait

Live Up To Your Name is such a comforting yet interesting drama to watch. Another OST, Not Gonna Wait, was released and it is a relaxing, languid listen – quite like the chemistry… Continue reading

yoona shares about kissing hong jong hyun…and how lovely he is in real life

FINALLY. I’m surprised someone didn’t ask earlier. Yoona is asked by a reporter about her kissing scene with Hong Jong Hyun and boy, she ends up divulging how precious Hong Jong Hyun is… Continue reading

need for speed

Speed gets Hong Jong Hyun chatting. I started following Top Gear Korea ever since he was announced to be one of the hosts. Didn’t post anything about it here since I didn’t think… Continue reading

nam joo hyuk in bangkok

My baby boy held a fan meeting in Bangkok recently. Nam Joo Hyuk is sporting a rather cute hairstyle which makes him look impishly boyish. Oh well, I am beyond biased when it… Continue reading

while you were sleeping holds press conference

While You Were Sleeping helds its press conference and I just gotta say I’ve seen Suzy and Lee Jong Suk in better outfits. I’ve seen the trailers released and while the cinematography is… Continue reading

black lookin’ more blue

OCN’s Black dropped a slightly longer trailer. Ah…so our resident grim reaper borrows the body of a departed human. In this case, a sloppy, unfortunate detective. Anyway, I am more curious as to… Continue reading

preview: live up to your name episode 13

It’s skinship and more skinship with Heo Im and Yeon Kyung. I bet Heo Im loves having the freedom and liberation of being able to be openly affectionate with the woman he loves… Continue reading

yoona spills on the love triangle, visiting im si wan & hong jong hyun

I’m still reeling from the finale of The King Loves. My poor heart will never be the same again. Anyway, Yoona gave a slew of post-drama interviews, and I picked out stuff she… Continue reading