because of you

Ohhhh…so lovely. Bo Bo Kyung Shim: Ryeo released its first OST by Baek Hyun and a couple of his EXO mates – titled Because Of You. Why does the song make feel me… Continue reading

doctors holds wrap-up party

Awww… Kim Rae Won. I liked him very much in Doctors even if I didn’t love his character all the time. His stylist should be given top marks for his wardrobe – read… Continue reading

moon lovers: bo bo kyung shim: ryeo holds press conference + highlights trailer

I know I’m supposed to be dazzled by the array of young, good-looking men but for some reason, I think Nam Joo Hyuk looks incredibly hot and manly in his immaculate, stylish suit… Continue reading

moon lovers: bo bo kyung shim: ryeo releases episode 1 trailer

HA. Our heroine gets teleported straight to the princes’ bath??? What a way to make an entrance. We get to see her interaction with all the princes who will supposedly have some sort… Continue reading

lee sang yoon lounges around for instyle

Lee Sang Yoon and his dimples feature for the July issue of Instyle Korea. Filming is underway for his new drama with Kim Ha Neul, On The Way To The Airport. The drama… Continue reading

jealousy incarnate holds press conference

We are off to a fresh round of drama premieres. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds premieres today on KBS while Jealousy Incarnate will kick off this Wednesday on SBS. Gong Hyo Jin is playful… Continue reading

hug me

Well. That is the title of the BTS video of this shoot. I will do so – happily. MY BEAUTIFUL BOY. I honestly don’t think I had so much noona love for any… Continue reading

a telling split second

So which guy makes Ha Won’s heart beat faster? I think Ha Won herself already knows even if she doesn’t want to admit it for now. I like how sparks literally crackle whenever… Continue reading

moonlight drawn by clouds drops highlights teaser

I like the last minute of the teaser where Kim Yoo Jung is looking all sweet and girly dancing, earning the rapt attention of the boys. Makes me wish this was a straight-up… Continue reading

that intangible connection

It’s still early days yet for Ji Eun and Ha Won but this scene totally stole my heart and set the foundation of my shipping heart for the couple. Despite how charming his… Continue reading

fantastic releases comedic teaser

OOOHHHH. This is looking really good. I mean seriously… Joo Sang Wook acting as an actor who can’t act??? FABULOUS. I watched this clip a couple of more times just to giggle over… Continue reading

yoona is stunning for vogue taiwan

Well. I think scoured around and these are the best shots I could find of Yoona’s incredibly gorgeous fashion spread for the September issue of Vogue Taiwan. Those who follow fashion know the… Continue reading