lee min ho takes on the law

First look at Lee Min Ho as a prosecutor in Legend of the Blue Sea… the epitome of rumpled sexiness. I believe he is a conman in modern time so I’m not sure… Continue reading

couple interrupted…

For those who missed the super long SBS version of the royal “bed” scene, I’m posting it here. The international version was ruthlessly shortened to accommodate the beginning part of the episode where… Continue reading

weightlifting fairy kim bok joo drops 1st teaser

Awwwwwww…Nam Joo Hyuk. Love him to bits. There’s a nice breezy, energetic vibe to the drama and I hope it remains the same way throughout. I’m not sure whether the OTP has romantic… Continue reading

romantic doctor teacher kim drops 2nd teaser

This is looking really promising. The OTP have a back story to their romance, which of course consists of heartbreak and tears. I’m loving what I see of Seo Hyun Jin since this… Continue reading

preview: moon lovers: bo bo kyung shim: ryeo episode 18

Yeon Hwa is determined that her (future) son with So will be the next king. So is furious Wook is manipulating him. So tearily promises Soo that to him, she is the only… Continue reading

love + power

The throne is lonely, scary place to be. So discovers that his ascension to the throne does not lessen his problems but in fact multiplies them. He loses people he love – both… Continue reading

kiss + play up

HA. Lee Jun Ki really loves to clown around, even while filming kissing scenes. The acting divide between he and IU seems even more prominent when I watch BTS clips. IU just seems… Continue reading

the man living in our house drops highlights trailer

A rather long trailer at almost 10 minutes, giving us a sound background for the main characters though we don’t know still why the bizarre marriage took place. For the first time in… Continue reading

farewell, eun-ah

I mentioned I thought Baek Hyun was really decent in the scene where he died. Well, this BTS clip reveals that Lee Jun Ki gave him a crash course in acting before the… Continue reading

preview: the k2 episode 10

Yoona and Ji Chang Wook are killing every scene they have together and their budding romance as Anna and Je Ha is one of the most oddly sweet and naively touching ones I’ve… Continue reading

fantastic holds wrap party

On a weekend getaway thus the radio silence. WIFI is a little unstable where I am so won’t be too active over the next couple of days. Back to the main topic –… Continue reading

metallic chic

Kim Sae Ron dons black and gold for S/S 2017 Seoul Fashion Week. I think she’s a regular at this event since I recall her attending last year’s edition, too. No news yet… Continue reading