Monthly Archive: May, 2013

lee min ho…on singing, falling and acting

Ooooohhh…just love Lee Min Ho. Despite the messed up hair. His (talking) voice totally makes me sigh all the time. And he’s the one man that I prefer when he has a little… Continue reading

bts translation: Jang Ok Jung…three’s not a crowd

They may be embroiled in a tangled web of love and hate in the drama, but off-screen, KTH, YAI and HSH are really friendly. It’s nice to see them having fun fooling around,… Continue reading

shark…love the way they look together

After catching the first two episodes of Shark, I realised I haven’t followed a contemporary drama for the longest time. I was a little disoriented with the non-sageuk speak. Heh. And the preview… Continue reading

recap: Jang Ok Jung, Live in love Episode 16

I know many JOJ fans have chosen to drop this drama and I don’t blame them. Episode 16 was actually pretty decent, but the catastrophe of Episode 15 was just too great a… Continue reading

shark…first impressions

After the fiasco that was JOJ Episode 15, I decided to watch Shark, a potential hot mess if not done right. And it wasn’t too bad after all. Sure, there’s that heavy revenge… Continue reading

recap: Jang Ok Jung, Live in love Episode 15

The first few minutes were a montage of the awesomeness of the first 10 episodes. Episode 15 is the first episode I am genuinely disappointed with. I know I said I won’t pick… Continue reading

bts translation: Jang Ok Jung…warm water rocks

Ha. I’ve concluded from all the BTS that YAI is nursing a mini-crush on his Tae Hee noona. He seems so utterly charmed and entralled by her both on- and off-screen. The way… Continue reading

behind Jang Ok Jung all the way…

Sigh. It’s just so sad and unfair that KTH is continually getting flak for her acting in JOJ. In my humble non-expert opinion, I think she has been killing it so far and… Continue reading

translation: Faith novel (vol 1) excerpts – Part III

The novel really fills in all the gaps on how and what the OTP felt as they interacted with each other. Love it. Still on Episode 2. Right after Choi Young informs Eun… Continue reading

shark…whimsical, tragical

The preview for Shark is out and it looks nothing great to brag about. I’m not a huge fan of revenge dramas, but I’m going to watch this because of Son Ye Jin… Continue reading

recap: Jang Ok Jung, live in love Episode 14

After her showdown with the dowager and IH, OJ re-joins her mother. The ministers’ wives all cower with fear. She invites her mother over to her quarters and just at the moment, LS… Continue reading

recap: Jang Ok Jung, live in love Episode 13

The episode opens with LS getting dressed for his morning meeting with the ministers. YG informs him that Minister Min and his faction have dropped the money issue. LS sings praises of OJ… Continue reading