Monthly Archive: Oct, 2013

recap: Heirs Episode 8

KT kisses ES – and that’s what we have all be waiting for yeah? But I confess I found it pretty underwhelming and scoring a fat zero on the swoon-o-meter since ES was… Continue reading

jung il woo & uee at golden rainbow press conference

The eye-candy cast of Golden Rainbow converged earlier in the day for the press conference and this is one good-looking foursome. But I had eyes only for Jung Il Woo and Uee –… Continue reading

recap: Heirs Episode 7

KT finally confesses he likes ES – and Lee Min Ho does the job beautifully. And please give whoever is in charge of the music of this drama an award – all background… Continue reading

han hye jin marries lee sang woo, cheats on him with ji jin hee

So the word is Lee Sang Woo will play Han Hye Jin’s husband in Kind Words, while she’ll go on to have an affair with an also married Ji Jin Hee. Whoa. I… Continue reading

lee min ho bundles up for eider event

Is there no limit to the gorgeousness of this man? Lee Min Ho recently attended an Eider fan signing looking delicious in dark skinny jeans, parka, sneakers and a megawatt smile. I think… Continue reading

lee min ho & park shin hye kiss

Cue: hearts breaking and young gals screaming… KT finally quits staring and moves in for something more tangible and satisfying. From the stills, the smooch looks quite unexpected, judging from ES’s expression. Fingers… Continue reading

first impression of empress ki…otp off to a promising start

It’s weird how much I love Ha Ji Won in sageuks – because I really don’t fancy her contemporary projects. Apologies Secret Garden and King 2 Hearts fans! Watching the first episode of… Continue reading

winter with lee min ho…

This Semir and Eider ads have been out for quite awhile and Lee Min Ho alternates between dorky and sexy for the camera – he is a true pro when it comes to… Continue reading

joo jin mo & ha ji won show how to do sageuk

All’s looking good on the Empress Ki front – seriously talented leads, interesting enough storyline and quality OST. I like 4Men when they do OSTs – I’m not a huge fan of their… Continue reading

jung il woo & uee are too cute for words

It’s official – I think Jang Il Woo and Uee are probably my fave pre-airing drama OTP for 2013 in terms of looks, energy and sizzle potential. I regret to announce I’m temporarily… Continue reading

reveling in the moment… heirs churns out 3rd fab ost

The drama may not be tickling my fancy to the fullest, but the OST is certainly pitch-perfect so far. Moment by Chang Min of 2am is beyond dreamy and once again like the… Continue reading

recap: Heirs Episode 6

Just too much high school for me in this episode. Though the chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin makes it easier to watch. Only that bit easier. And only the… Continue reading