recap: Heirs Episode 6

Just too much high school for me in this episode. Though the chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin makes it easier to watch. Only that bit easier. And only the scenes with them both.

Here goes:

ES unwittingly walks into the stare-down between KT and YD. when KT remarks that ES is without a uniform, it dawns on YD that these two really might have something going on. ES just stares at them dumbly while CY swoops in to rescue her. He leads her way, to the annoyance of BN. RY tries to stop the two boys, but YD pulls her aside, calling her Sister and informing her that the oppas are not done talking. KT says YD can transfer schools if he can’t live with KT around – KT can’t transfer since his mother is the chairman of the school.

YD smirks that KT differentiates between Mother and Mom. He refers to Wife No.2 as Mother (eomeoni) and his own mom as Mom (eo-ma). KT stiffens at that. YD muses that he may have gone overboard on the first day – he’s just happy to see KT, that’s all.

BN states that KT is still a bully. RY and KT chat and she demands to know whether KT was instrumental in having ES transfer schools. KT reminds her Wife No.2 was the one who signed the transfer papers and he , like her, never hand a say in their family’s decisions anyway. Just like their engagement. RY wants to more about their relationship, while KT counters that they having been talking about that.

ES asks why CY never told her KT was the second son of the Jeguk empire and he answers that the knowledge wouldn’t make a difference to her situation anyway. Anyway, he goes about to explain about the hierarchy in the school. The gist: there are four levels and CY and ES belong to the lowest level – the charity cases. When ES muses whether she can survive in the school, CY comments that she at least has him.

CY is the level rep. Teacher tries to find out whether she is really the daughter of a housekeeper. ES replies in a rather vague manner. Anyway, when she introduces herself in class, she is teased and mocked from her speech to about everything else. YD studies her with interest. KT speaks up for her. When he says he wants to lead a peaceful life in school, he looks to YD and says he hopes the other boy will help him achieve this.

KTM and ESM have a silly conversation about ESM’s maid outfit ala Jeon Do Yeon in Housemaid. ESM has another scruffle with Wife No.2.

KT meets up with HS and they seem to get along well enough. BN walks in and KT inquires about CY. She defends him and says it isn’t CY’s fault. BN hilariously frets that KT may be harbour some lingering feelings for her. She hates him but thinks he is so gosh-darned hot. I hear you, girlfriend. Totally hear you.

Everyone is curious to know why ES seems to know everybody. Whatever. Anyway, KT tries to help her out again and mentions they need to talk – she just walks off. And bumps into YD who trips her so he can catch her. Ha. I know YD is a bad-ass but I kinda dig his off-kilter mannerisms. He notices that ES isn’t afraid of him – well, if you catch her like that, a gal will sooner swoon than scream.

He asks about her relationship with KT and she asks him to ask KT.YD later claims her as his and again asks how she is related to KT. KT appears and asks YD to ask him directly. KT sends ES away, grumbling that she has to stop running away from him. YD goes all obnoxious and says KT is hindering his efforts to befriend the new transfer student. KT counters that YD is better off without any since he will throw them away in the end.

KT and ES talk. He didn’t hide his identity on purpose. And did she cry? He says ES would be fine if she stay stuck to his side and avoid YD. ES says all the girls are shooting daggers at her because of him and concludes the person she should avoid is him and not YD.

KT meets CY and orders him to keep his mouth shut about ES. CY is pissed that KT is telling him how to treat his friend of 10 years. KT says friends can make the worst enemies because they know too much – he knows the feeling.

BN comes along and bolts when she sees KT. KT jokes that BN may still have feelings for him, while CY compares him to a junk car that people may look at, but may not love.

ES and ESM have a tearful conversation – why do they have to live like that? ES goes to the wine cellar again and KT is there, too. He suggests they have lunch together the next day, but she is determined to avoid him. He tells her staying close to him is the only way she’ll be able to make it through to graduation.

ES is alone at lunch and gets bullied. YD comes to her rescue and is going to bully her bully, when KT comes to her rescue. He sits aside with ES and ES realises he knew this would happen and that’s why he wanted to have lunch with her. KT says he was the one who started the whole bullying thing.

YD joins them and when ES gets up to leave, he pulls her back down. KT says they shouldn’t involve ES in their feud, but the latter ignores him and goes all cute on ES. He declares his interest in KT, who fairly bristles.

MS and KT are together and MS slips he may have pictures of KT and YD…KT just reacts calmly to that. YD comes in and asks KT to transfer schools. If KT doesn’t, he will go all nasty and spread the word that KT is the son of a mistress, which riles KT up. KT says there is no chance in hell that they can be civil to each other and YD agrees.

YD runs into ES delivering chicken at his bike store. He orders in chicken again and says he will call her. She says she won’t pick up – he says he will tattle on why a nouveau riche gal (that was what KT told their schoolmates earlier) like herself is working part-time. ES knows she is trapped.

KT is with Dad and they talk about KW leaving the home because of his younger bro’s return. Dad says he intends to bring back the son who left. Anyway, KW is sick and HJ is nursing him back to health. But he gets a phone call and everything else is deemed unimportant.

Dad brings KT to the office. KW comes in later and sees KT. Dad introduces KT as his second son and wants his employees to take note. KT later speaks to KW and says he didn’t know Dad was going to the office – he thought they were only going to see Hyung. KW comments that KT never seems to know what he is doing. KT answers that it doesn’t matter what he does or don’t do – KW would always misunderstand him.

KT sees ES hanging laundry later. ES muses that she’s a rich
gal in the day, and a maid when darkness falls. She falls asleep and KT watches over her. He adjusts her Band-Aid in the process.

CYM and RYM have their screen time.

ES inquires about scholarships and gets put down by her snobby teacher. She needs to join extra-curricular activities to be considered for one. ES decides on the Broadcasting Club. HS wonders why she doesn’t have a uniform and ES fibs that she bought a bag instead with the money. HUH? ES tries to coerce HS into letting her join the club.

YD bullies kid. Taunts ES while stepping on kid. ES tries to help. KT stops her. Warns her never to be seen with the weak kids or she’ll be considered weak, too.

RY meets with ES and they have a catty exchange which ends with RY throwing money at ES. Cliché overload.

And we’re back to PART II of ES-YD staring sessions. Same convenience store, same ramen, same sleeping ES. I’m losing the battle to roll my eyes. YD kicks the table and wonders aloud that seeing ES snoozing in such places just makes him want to protect her. ES pretends she is still asleep. YD phone rings and it’s KT asking him whether his ramen is yummy. KT sees them from across the street.

Some thoughts:

The only thing I am intrigued in this episode is YD confessing ES awakens his protective instincts – which is quite paradoxical considering he is hell-bent on only hurting people around him up till now.

I cringe everything I refer to LMH and KWB as boys while recapping. But I have to stay true to the drama, so yup, boys they shall be. Every time KWB and LMH have a face-off, I just wished they were doing that in another drama altogether, in another context, in different roles. The writer just keeps pushing the Repeat button for her staring scenes and I really don’t get why.

ES is just there to be the main source of conflict for everyone since she seems to know everybody. And don’t me started on the clichés. Plus, this feels like Meteor Garden/Boys over Flowers all over again. But with a more convoluted narrative.