jung il woo & uee are too cute for words


It’s official – I think Jang Il Woo and Uee are probably my fave pre-airing drama OTP for 2013 in terms of looks, energy and sizzle potential. I regret to announce I’m temporarily ditching Lee Min Ho for best bud JIW for a few minutes…as I type this post. My petty revenge accorded to him for picking up Heirs as his drama of 2013 – when he jolly well knows he does only one drama a year.

DAMN. I don’t care if Uee and JIL end up all messed up and deranged in their roles when Golden Rainbow wraps up – I’ll just enjoy their happy, giggly moments while they are at it. They are looking hands-down gorgeous and just ultra perfect together. This pic was taken when the adult OTP trooped down to Busan to visit their teen counterparts on the set. I’m half swooning over JIW’s clean-cut crop and suave dress sense in the pic, and that charming, boyish grin. Uee is all sunny, pretty and casual chic to his minimialist cool and I’m squealing over the vibe I get from this pairing. Love. Love. Love. Since this pic is supposed to be taken off-duty, I’m relieved they look quite comfortable with each other, which makes their onscreen chemistry a lot easier to sell and pull off. I don’t see a problem with them when it comes to superficial mutual attraction since they are both so, so easy on the eyes.

Right. Back to being LMH’s #1 fan-noona, but a rather begrudging one at that for now.