han hye jin marries lee sang woo, cheats on him with ji jin hee


So the word is Lee Sang Woo will play Han Hye Jin’s husband in Kind Words, while she’ll go on to have an affair with an also married Ji Jin Hee. Whoa. I mistakenly thought JJH was going to play Han Hye Jin’s husband, but nope. They’ll be partners in crime as they indulge in an extra-marital affair on both sides. Sounds fairly torrid on paper.

I like LSW – thought he was the best oppa ever to Su Ae in A Thousand Days Promise. Plus, he’s kinda hot in a sweet, boy-next-door way. JJH oozes down-to-earth sexy, manly appeal so this drama will be eye candy from the get-go. Wouldn’t mind being in HHJ’s position at all. I’m intrigued to discover what caused both leads to betray their spouses and indulge in an affair when they are apparently leading perfect lives – at least on the surface.

Kind Words will air later in the year on SBS.