recap: Heirs Episode 7

KT finally confesses he likes ES – and Lee Min Ho does the job beautifully. And please give whoever is in charge of the music of this drama an award – all background scores are spot-on.

e goes:

We kick off the episode with YD musing how ES stirs his protective instincts when KT calls him. YD comments that KT knows his mobile phone number, to which KT replies that YD knows his, too. HA. These two. Anyway, a slew of rapid questions and answers ensue – but literally the conversation just goes in a circle. Everyone suspects everyone is here to meet someone.

YD thinks KT is here to see ES and wakes ES up. ES sees KT and wonders why he is across the road. Anyway, KT walks off in a huff after warning YD not to mess around in this neighbourhood. YD asks ES to go after KT, but ES says she isn’t here to meet him. YD still doesn’t believe everything is coincidental – it’s dramaland’s brand of coincidence. ES counters she and YD didn’t plan to meet either, but still bumped into each other. She leaves.

ES is walking through the garden of the Kim mansion when KT jumps out of the bushes demanding what she was doing with YD – he did warn her to stay away from him. He asks whether YD threatened her, to which ES replies that YD offered to protect her. KT yells that is a form of threat, too. He warns her not to go near YD again while ES wonders what happened between the two boys.

She bumps into KTM in the kitchen and KT walks in. Thinking it’s the kids’ first time seeing each other, KTM introduces them. When KT leaves, KTM asks ES to get friendly with her son and report to her on his doings. KT overhears the conversation. But KTM continues that they shouldn’t act like they know each other in school though. ES goes back into her room and sees that her mom has bought her the school uniform.

RYM wants to take a family photo together with YD and YDD. RY calls YD and asks him to think of a way to avoid the photo shoot and break their parents’ engagement. He offers to date her and she snaps she is not asking him to break her engagement. I like these two together. YD says he can stop the photo shoot but he wants something in return from RY.

KT waits for ES in the morning and they cab to school together. He instructs her how to report to his mom: he is popular and does well in his studies because he is good-looking. He finds out ES goes to school super early to avoid being found out by the kids in school that she’s isn’t a rich kid who gets chauffeured around. Anyway, he complains he woke up early in order to catch up with her and rests against her shoulder – but not before saying she looks good in the uniform. She’s pleased to hear that.

At school, KT silently trails behind ES. He gets distracted by her ponytail and yanks the tie off: he orders her not to tie up her hair in school. So does KT have a neck fetish or a hair fetish…or both? ES spins around with her hair flying around her aka shampoo commercial – this is so redundant really. PSH has lovely hair and it’s obvious – no need to pull this cheesy stunt.

MY catches them together and they wonder at a drawing of an outline of person on the ground – the kind the police trace a dead body with chalk. I must say LMH looks hot in his bomber jacket. Love it. Something tells me ES will end up wearing it down the road. Isn’t that one of the must-dos for high school couples? Wearing your boyfriend’s jacket? I did – HA. My ex was a sportsman so I was the unofficial owner of his track jacket all through high school.

KTM meets her friend to discuss her so-called affair project. ESM overhears again. ES attempts to join the Broadcast Club again and though BN initially is against ES joining, she relents after she realises the alternative to ES is worse.

KT yanks ES’s ponytail loose again and runs off. ES notices YD watching them from afar. And he looks…sad. Hmmm. CS is with BN and they chat about ES getting into the Broadcast Club, BN dating KT before, and BN keeping her lips sealed with regards to ES’s background.

KT is looking at the picture of him and YD when they were young when CY walks in on him. When the Cy asks him what he is doing, KT answers he is thinking of the past. I really wonder how they fell out – I don’t think KT being the son of a mistress is the end-all reason to why YD is so mad with KT.

KT asks how long CY and BN have been dating – 1.5 years, replies CY. CY asks what the relationship status between him and ES and KT answers – they are at the stage before confession. So they go on to talk about whether CY ever liked ES ( he did when he was nine when ES protected him from bullies) and why KT held BN’s hand when they were dating (because her hand was cold and back then, BN was stronger than him). Hmmm – to KT’s comment on BN being stronger than him.

KW chats with Dad and whines about how hurt he is – lost mother, gained new brother. And yup, he is moving out. Dad warns him he has much to lose if he keeps going against him. KT goes to find KW and is all smiles to see Hyung at home. Just a sec – what the hell is KT wearing? or what the hell is LMH wearing? Some castaway from BN from when they were dating? Pink and fuzzy??????? LMH…..please…

As usual, KW isn’t happy to see his younger bro. They go back and forth about why KW should/shouldn’t move out. In short, KW can’t stand the fact that KT keeps following him around and has to escape. KT says Hyung can’t be feeling good about treating him this way – KW replies he doesn’t feel good, but neither does KT when KW treats him in his cold manner. Anyway, KT launches a hug at his older brother, but the older man shakes him off, leaving behind a heartbroken puppy.

KT bumps into ES and asks her to return his dream catcher – and bring it to the wine cellar. They listen to some song that ES played before and have their usual roundabout conversation. KT looks like he wants to confess his feelings for ES and she sorta knows. So she leaves, but she thinks about his previous half-confessions.

YD targets ES at school and BN surprisingly helps her out. YD suspects ES isn’t rich – CY runs in to defend ES too and YD wonders why there are so many people protecting the new transfer student. KT finds out what happened to ES. Back to YD and his bullying antics. Sorry – no elaboration on this ‘cos I’m just not interested in all this madness. KT stops him by socking him. They get called to the office.

Wife No. 2 apologises to YD – KT and YD continue to antagonise each other and there is a flashback to what happened in junior high. KT confessed to YD he was the son of a mistress, while YD likens him to the would-be spawn of his father and his mistress if they had a child.

RY and BN chat and they discuss the extent ES is dangerous to both their men. RYM invites KT for lunch but he refuses.

RYM and CYD have their screen time again. CYD reports to KTD that on how Zeus Hotel (YD’s family) and RS International (RY’s family). ES gets called on by YD to stop him from pressing charges against the kid he bullied. He will if ES meets him. They meet at the hotel. RY is desperate to stop the photo shoot and goes to find YD at the hotel, and sees ES together with him. YD tells her to back off when she ask what he is doing with ES. RY tells KT that ES is with YD. KT calls ES but she doesn’t pick up.

KTM feels sorry for ESM when the latter gets a message from school about a parents conference. KT finds ES at the café she works at and demands why she was with YD. ES counters that YD keeps bugging her because of him and KT agrees. He says the only way that ES can survive in school is by liking him. So she should just start liking him. Sincerely, if possible. Because he likes her.

Some thoughts:

So I’m guessing YD’s sad, conflicted look when he saw KT pulling ES’s ponytail is because he genuinely likes ES, but he is going to make things tough for her because of KT. And he’s feeling regretful.

KW is pretty much like a spoilt overgrown kid and seriously not worth a mention. I think Kim Eun Sook is just focusing on writing KT perfectly because everyone else pretty much sucks and showcasing zero character development. ES is just coasting on as per usual from Day One as with other characters. Throw in LMH and you’ll get an almost perfect KT.

I love the way LMH delivered his last couple of lines, but what’s new? He is the only one in the cast emoting faultlessly so far. And sigh – PSH is still looking shocked at everything. Take that last frame – you can see LMH pulsating with emotion even from his profile, while PSH is well, PSH. Or maybe it is just the way ES is written – she’s getting pushed around by YD and KT so much that all she is doing is just reacting most of the time to them rather than initiating any real action herself.

And yes, LMH looks haaaawt in that last frame in his olive green coat. I confess this drama is pretty much going downhill for me in terms of narrative.

Firstly, there are just too many things happening on the fringe with the sole purpose to act as redundant fillers for each episode. I rather the writer cut down the cast so she can really work on giving ES and YD more depth.

Secondly, YD’s actions creating such a huge impact on ES and KT is almost ridiculous. I mean ES has to either move out of KT’s house or start liking him in order to survive in school. It’s very Meteor Garden, but I never felt once that Shancai (the female lead) was just reacting to what was happening around her. Rather, she was proactive and stood firm on her beliefs and opinions. And that’s why Dao Ming Si fell for her. I’m not getting that resilient vibe at all from ES.

Thirdly, I keep thinking there is something more and deeper to what’s been played out – but there isn’t. What you see is really what you get. I thought YD falling out with KT was due to reasons more than just KT being the son of a mistress – but from the flashback to junior high, it looks like it is the major reason. And that’s just one example. I keep hoping for something a bit more comprehensive or a more fascinating insight to what the characters are thinking – but everyone is hastily written and glossed over quickly with good looks.

So why am I still watching and recapping? Pretty much the same reason why I continued supporting and recapping JOJ after that horrid Episode 16. That time , it was because Kim Tae Hee was doing such a great job despite the senseless writing. This time – it’s really all about LMH. Besides the fact he looks gorgeous from every angle, he is breathing life into KT, despite the character’s rather muted demeanour.

I’m loving so much how he delivers his lines and emote that it keeps me trudging on. I basically don’t bother who is on the receiving end – be it ES or KW or YD – but LMH is just so charismatic that he keeps me hooked onto him, and not the drama per se. There are just some many bargain rip-offs from Meteor Garden and Gossip Girl – you can’t make it original just by swapping genders and tweaking bits here and there.