jung il woo & uee at golden rainbow press conference



The eye-candy cast of Golden Rainbow converged earlier in the day for the press conference and this is one good-looking foursome. But I had eyes only for Jung Il Woo and Uee – who are ridiculously, rapidly becoming one of my fave OTPs ever and I haven’t even watched the drama. Just looking at them together makes me smile. Just looking at them holding hands makes me grin from ear-to-ear. To think that I didn’t really dig either of them individually before they signed up to be the OTP of this makjang drama. I don’t think the drama will me a rabid fan of both of them as celebrities – but I’m definitely a huge fan of their pairing. They just sorta match in a very natural, engaging manner.


Man. I wished I had Uee’s figure and she looks svelte in that little black dress and buckled sandals. As for Jung Il Woo… what happened to my cool, biker boy???? That pastel yellow coat feels more spring than autumn and makes him look a tad too pale. But with Uee as arm candy, he’s all forgiven.






Did I say I love how they look so hot and sweet together?? The drama will start airing this weekend on MBC, but the adult cast willl only make their appearance after 10 or more episodes.




There are some cute moments between them in the different clips. Like JIW helping Uee with her chair and the MC joking that he keeps turning towards Uee and ignoring Cha Ye Ryun. And I thought it was funny that JIW started to wave after he snuck a peek at Uee, who was waving at the cameras. Haha.

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