recap: Heirs Episode 8

KT kisses ES – and that’s what we have all be waiting for yeah? But I confess I found it pretty underwhelming and scoring a fat zero on the swoon-o-meter since ES was caught by surprise and the camera decided to freeze- frame whilst she was cringing with her lips pursed tight. Hopefully, the kiss continues next week. And KT is really the perfect guy. The writer is spending loadsa of effort thinking of ways to make female viewers fall in love with him more and more. But other than that, the narrative still feels very disjointed and segemented despite the fact the writer is trying her best to connect everyone to everybody.

Here goes:

ES says she will pretend she didn’t hear KT’s confession. KT says she can’t do that since she did hear everything. Dad calls – he doesn’t pick up. His mom calls ES – and he tells her not to answer. She says she has to – proof of the class and status divide between them. KT answers instead and tells his mom he is discussing something important with ES.

When he doesn’t return her phone and tries to force a response out of her with regards to his confession, she breaks down and starts rambling. He feels bad and asks her whether he would be crazy to hug her now. She replies she would kill her, but he pulls her into his embrace anyway.

He says she doesn’t have to answer him, but he wants her to think about what he said. She cries in his arms. LMH is stellar here and for once, there is some emotional connection between him and PSH. And this man really knows how to hug.

Once home, KTM pesters her son on why he was with ES – he gives a rather vague reply. Anyway, Dad found out KT had hit someone in school. KTM warns ES not to get too close to KT or she and her mom will have to leave the house.

Dad knows KT hit YD. Later, KT asks ES whether she was chided by his mom and ES says they shouldn’t talk at home. She leaves, but KT tags after her. He complains and jokes in an attempt to make her feel better, but to no avail. Finally, he just tells her he is happy she is staying in the same house as him.

Back in his room, KT picks up a book titled “Like we are living together”, while ES thinks of their time in the US and his confession. And we are introduced to yet another catchy soundtrack. This drama is on a roll OST-wise. KT updates ES’s SNS – he modified the title of the book to “Like we are sleeping in the same place” and adds “goodnight”.

Though ES had set her alarm earlier in order to avoid KT, he is there at school waiting for her, guessing she will pull a stunt like this. He goes off, after saying they should meet up when they have breaks.

CYD catches up with KW at the hotel – the latter hasn’t been ignoring calls. KW finds out YDD wants to have a meal with him and he isn’t really enthused. Anyway, CYD informs him there’s a little trouble with one of their current projects. A board meeting is called. CYD later informs KW Dad is going for a medical checkup and they cutely bicker. HA. ESM and KTM have their own random pillow fight, complete with feathers.

ES pays a visit to the Broadcast Club and sees KT there, who offers to help her get in through HS. He also ask her in all seriousness whether she is mulling over his confession and she just asks him to log out of her SNS. BN and CY file in later and yup, it is CY and ES who end up leaving, with BN and KT simmering with pouty rage. BN and KT have a cordial conversation – and it is obvious that KT doesn’t hate her and likes her still as a friend. KT mentions how happy they were last time, but BN is more worried that CY will get mad with her if she finds out KT still has feelings for her. HAHA. KT knows BN well and sure knows how to ruffle her feathers.

The bullied kid leaves. ES doesn’t pick YD’s call, but he is behind her anyway. He sees that she has saved him as “Don’t Answer” and he retorts, “What do you not want to answer? My heart?” Heh. He suggests they should be friends and when she tries to leave, he muses he is curious to see what she saved KT as in her phone. That gets her to change “Don’t Answer” to his name. YD muses that KT has to be in the equation for anything to work with ES.

YD informs her name is mentioned on the bulletin board and she goes to check it out. She has gotten into the club. When BN removes the notice, ES sees the note she left for KT at his school in the US. She takes the note to KT and is amazed that he saw it. He is trying to figure out why she could leave such a note, and yet ignore him in the US. She asks me why he wanted her to call. He says he wanted to ask her where she is, who she is with, when she is leaving, tell her not to go, tell her to stay longer, tell her he misses her.

RY watches them from afar and HS figures out she is seething. KT continues that he didn’t return to Korea solely because of her but she was one of the reasons. RY and HS are half chatting, half bickering when they realise KT has spotted them.

KT admits he likes ES. RY says even if it is not her, it will be another rich girl he has to end up with later. KT says he isn’t going to think about that now – he just wants to live for the moment. KT says he has many obstacles to face and he wants them to remain as friends. RY says he is being childish and he was wrong on something else too – she can feel hurt, too. She walks away, holding back her tears.

Dad chats to CYD about ES and her mom. CYD runs into RYM at school and yup, screen time again. CYD gets a call from HJ. Is everyone somehow connected in this drama? YD bets with his dad over a judo match: if he wins, dad will cancel the photo shoot. But dad cheats and wins.

YD seeks out ES at the café and comments ES is earning her riches through her part-time jobs. When ES frets that he may have found out the truth, YD says she doesn’t have to bother much about him. He came here because he was feeling lonely. And he has dropped charges against the bullied kid.

KT appears and wonders how YD knew about ES working at the café. YD divulges he knows about ES’s other jobs too so he can KT can just stop faking that he doesn’t know what he is referring to. YD is curious to know how KT knows about the café, to which KT says he is always one step ahead of YD. YD warns him to watch his back as he is always one step behind.

YD inquires whether KT and ES are an item and KT asks whether he and ES look good together. When YD retorts he won’t answer such a disgusting question, KT states he and ES look good together. YD realises KT is serious , and KT warns him to back off from ES. A cafe employee interrupts their fight and they realise ES left after buying them drinks. They walk out with their drinks only to find out that YD’s bike has been towed away but not KT’s car. KT is delighted. HA. I declare once again they are my OTP of this drama. So cute.

KW sees CYD sending HJ home and gets jealous. Apparently, CYD wants HJ to tutor CY, too. KW asks whether he can stay with HJ since he has moved out of his family home.

ES and KT hide in the closet to avoid being seen by his mom and they almost kiss. Great score here again. But KT pulls back at the last second and announces casually his mom is no longer in sight. (HOW HOT WAS LMH HERE? PHEW!) He later asks ES what she and YD were talking about at the café before he arrived. She informs him that YD said he was lonely. And when he asks how YD knows about all her part-time jobs, she says she found that out the same he did. It dawns on KT that YD does like ES and is seeking her because he wants to see her, and not just to irk KT.

YD is also thinking of ES and admits as much when MS asks what he is thinking about. YD manages to call a stop to the family photo by shoot by getting a woman to pose as his dad’s fling. RY says she owes YD one and he tells her she can repay him next time but he wants ES’s re-entry document. RY tells YD that KT likes ES and asks him to settle that for her. If he does, she’ll pay him back big time.

ES and KT hang out together during lunch and ES gets embarrassed when KT teases they can discuss the almost-kiss anytime. At the cafeteria, YD insists ES has lunch with him – he just wants to have lunch with her. BN sees them and informs CY and KT. KT arrives and is livid to see them eating together. YD trips ES – part of a bargain with RY to get ES on her knees. ES prevents KT from hitting YD and implores KT to take her out of there. RY returns the re-entry card to YD.

On the rooftop, ES keeps crying and KT is worried. When YD calls her phone, she wants to pick up. But before she can do so, KT swoops in for a kiss.

Some thoughts:
Kiss this week, back-hug next week? One thing for sure – Kim Eun Sook decided from the get-go she wasn’t going to skimp on skinship between the OTP. Why should she when the male lead is LMH who does kisses and hugs fabulously? I concur with her, so bring on the skinship and just keep our fingers crossed LMH will not be the only one doing all the work.

I’m not sure whether the kiss will continue next week, but since it was a surprise attack to shut her up, it may not be well, extended beyond what we saw. I read both actors discussed for a long time how to angle their heads for this so I thought it would be a pretty big one.

But er, I don’t see much angling on both sides and the angle was awkward. Maybe next week. If the kiss just ends where we saw it, I hope ES pushes him away to save the whole moment because the kiss pretty much falls flat in execution. I thought LMH was way hotter when he was doing the almost-kiss. This must be his least hottest kiss ever. The back-hug in the preview looks much more romantic in comparison. But I suspect it is a surprise hug sprung by KT ‘cos ES is cringing again and looking uncomfortable.

The boys can act, all right. I’m enjoying all KT-YD moments – there’s just the right amount tension and hilarity, depending on the situation. And though Krystal is still too screechy, I kinda like BN for her harmless fluff.

And LMH continues to melt me with his earnest, emotional, heartfelt delivery when it comes to romantic lines. And I realised one thing – I get whiplash when LMH goes all cutesy. Honest to goodness, it just seems a little OTT when he is aegyo-ing out. That would be my only LMH gripe for the two episodes this week.