Monthly Archive: Oct, 2013

one pretty & promising OTP… gold rainbow unveils its first poster shots

Oh my. I think I am half-in-love with the pairing of Jung Il Woo and Uee already. They look so full of life, cuteness and gorgeousness rolled into one delicious OTP package. I’m… Continue reading

Love is…what I’m feelin’ as I listen to the 2nd ost of heirs

Heirs is on a roll when it comes to OSTs, because I think the latest release is such a keeper. Love is by Bromance may be the most beautiful Korean song I have… Continue reading

recap: Heirs Episode 3

The boys flash some skin and we get angst, hurt, jealousy, funny, swoony, pain, friendship all rolled into one hour. Phew. that was a mouthful and I was only stating the more obvious.… Continue reading

when he cares…and when he doesn’t

Hia actions and expressions say it all, huh? KT spends a night with ES ( I’m guessing it’s a motel?) and sweetly hovers over her while she sleeps. While RY dives in for… Continue reading

right up my alley… empress ki drops its first teaser

Ha Ji Won + Sageuk = Awesome Joo Ji Mo + Sageuk = Awesome Therefore, Empress Ki should be a fab watch – if the writing and directing hold up through the scheduled… Continue reading

more hijinks ahead… heirs episode 3 should be a fluffy ball of fun

HA. Episode 3 sure looks hilarious and rife with petty jealousy. I’m looking forward to more of the OTP’s interactions, though the director and writer are literally force-feeding the impending romance down our… Continue reading

it’s business as usual for power couple kim tae hee & rain

Lovebirds Kim Tae Hee and Rain spent the previous weekend clocking in public appearances…separately, of course. I suspect a stampede would arise if they ever attend an event together. Rain made a whirlwind… Continue reading

for your eyes only…gaze vs stare

This is such a frivolous topic to delve into, but I thought it would be fun to shallowly dissect what seems to be Lee Min Ho’s signature action of Heirs two episodes in.… Continue reading

translation: Faith novel (vol 2) excerpts – Part 10

So that no one will be confused, the scene you’ll be reading about replaces the one in which both of them slept over in the forest. This scene takes place on a boat… Continue reading

bts translation: T.O.P is cool & adorable for movie poster shoot

I’m so digging the whole mood and vibe of the latest poster of The Commitment. I enjoyed this BTS video so much that I just had to translate and share it with those… Continue reading

recap: Heirs Episode 2

Lee Min Ho has got his intense stares down to a pat. Or he has somehow made staring into some kind of art form that makes me shiver and inwardly squeal at the… Continue reading

grunge appeal… lee soo hyuk quirks me up

Lee Soo Hyuk really, really isn’t the type of guy/actor that I usually go for, but he’s strangely so on my fan-noona radar. Firstly, he’s as fair as white paint and his fashion… Continue reading