jung il woo backhugs uee…



I’ve pretty immune to backhugs in Korean dramas since they do them ever so often. But I did think the one shared between Jung Il Woo and Uee in Episode 17 of Golden Rainbow was kinda sweet. Maybe because the genuine chemistry between the actors made it even sweeter. I just wished they were doing a rom-com rather than a makjang weekend series. It would be really fun to see them do a fluffy, flirty drama without all those revenge bits and family secrets and tragedies.

DY started off cheeky in the beginning but unwittingly broached the subject of BW’s missing little brother. It was a nice touch that the backhug turned out to be one of comfort rather than just a pure hormonal move. The drama isn’t at the halfway way mark yet, so I rather the OTP not get together so early – it just means more episodes for heartbreak and time apart, coupled with moodiness, tears and surliness. Sigh. I want happy for these two because they kinda suit the cheery vibe much more than sad and mopey. We already had enough of that in Heirs, ya know. Lee Min Ho has already taken one for the team, so JIW should just do smiles and laughter.