Monthly Archive: Mar, 2014

sonia sui dashes for reebok

Ha. This is such a cool ad and it’s plain obvious it’s Sonia Sui unless you have no idea who she is. Sonia flaunts her super toned pins and taut figure in a… Continue reading

review: Wonderful Season Episode 11-12

Wonderful Season is so bittersweet and so rife with suppressed hurt, love and longing that every OTP scene, happy or angry, is just heartbreaking. Because everything stems from 15 years of repressed yearning… Continue reading

wonderful season releases 3rd ost

Wonderful Season is churning out the most lovely old-school ballads – and all hauntingly beautiful. The latest one is Take My Hand ( English title) by Lee Moon Se, but the Korean title… Continue reading

sonia sui chats about her phobia of kissing tony yang

So Sonia Sui revealed at a birthday celebration late last year that she found it the toughest to kiss Tony Yang among all her leading men. Well, I would say she overcame her… Continue reading

review: Emergency Couple Episode 19

It’s plain to see that Jin Hee is all for starting again with Chang Min, but she still is harbouring some feelings for Dr Guk, which kinda shows she isn’t totally ready to… Continue reading

you light up my star gearing up for broadcast

With its broadcast date set mid-April, the team behind Taiwanese drama You Light Up My Star has been steadily feeding juicy snippets to the media and fans. But the production company just released… Continue reading

lee seo jin kisses a teary kim hee sun…

I know this is such a huge spoiler…forgive me! But for those who are faithfully following Wonderful Season, I’m sure you guys will heave a sigh of relief knowing Dong Seok will truly… Continue reading

review: Emergency Couple Episode 18

Awwww. Is our Jin Hee wooing Chang Min? The tables have turned and it is now up to Jin Hee to find ways and means to convince CM they have a second shot… Continue reading

oppa alert: ji jin hee + lee seo jin

Just days after my fan-noona radar pinged, my oppa radar is getting all active. Lee Seo Jin has always looked fine, but he is just MIGHTY fine these days. Ji Jin Hee has… Continue reading

preview: Emergency Couple Episode 18

I’m slightly aggrieved that the OTP took soooo long to conclude that things between them are still not settled emotionally though they are divorced. Well, it took them 17 episodes out of the… Continue reading

lee seo jin + kim hee sun go on a beach date

Wonderful Season is my current crack drama despite all the family chaos. I’m not kidding when I say I can’t wait for Saturdays to come around each week because I need my Dong… Continue reading

shin min ah + jamie dornan get sultry in 2009 calvin klein shoot

Where in the world is Shin Min Ah?? Miss the gal on my screen and the silver screen. Most of her fans would know that she did a sizzling fashion spread with Irish… Continue reading