Monthly Archive: May, 2014

lee sang woo is a hunky roadblock

I never imagined such lovable charm could bubble forth from Feel-Good Day’s pairing of Lee Sang Woo and Park Se Young. Jae Woo doesn’t want Da Jung running off in the dark night… Continue reading

you light up my star unveils meaty 30-minute trailer at press conference

The promo for this drama is going on overdrive and there’s just so much stuff being released to build the anticipation. The “√Ąttack her boobs.” scene starts at 9:34 with Cheng Wei asking… Continue reading

you light up my star promises skinship straight off

“Attack her boobs.” Instructs Director Winnie to Joe Cheng when the lanky actor had to film a fairly intimate scene with Janine Chang that will be revealed in the first episode of You… Continue reading

review: Golden Cross Episode 13

The writer thankfully spares us the dramatics and opts for jaded realism with Yi Re’s decision to reveal the truth about her father and she confronting Do Yoon on his true feelings towards… Continue reading

ddeokbokki date

They jog together, they clean up together, they gobble down ddeokbokki together. My kinda couple. Da Jung and Jae Woo continue to have a blast doing the most normal, mundane activities together. If… Continue reading

kim tae hee’s chinese debut is a go

That was fast. Kim Tae Hee was in Bejing on May 29 to attend the press conference of Chinese drama, Shu Sheng Wang Xi Zhi. A direct translation would be “The Sage, Wang… Continue reading

leo seo jin likes his sleeves rolled up

Now we know why Lee Seo Jin is seen with his tawny forearms exposed all the time in Wonderful Season. He likes it. He prefers it. So he does it. So he says… Continue reading

t.o.p smoulders for reebok

OMO. Big Bang’s T.O.P is mouthwatering in his latest outing for Reebok. Love the monochrome theme that emphasises both the sneakers and the model. T.O.P in a white shirt, James Bond hair, deep… Continue reading

tony yang + sonia sui in sync even with someone in between…

I’m actually quite shocked that I came across pictures of these two that I haven’t seen before…HA! I’m totally rabid over this pair and so it was a sweet surprise to chance upon… Continue reading

you light up my star holds press conference

Joe Cheng and Janine Chang donned cute matching outfits for the press conference of You Light Up My Star. Gotta say I prefer the back view of Janine’s dress much more than the… Continue reading

kim nam gil does movies + offroad + concert

I figure we’ll see a lot of Kim Nam Gil soon (Yay!) with the upcoming release of his movie, Pirate. He has also signed on to replace Lee Jung Jae in the film,… Continue reading

kim tae hee considering chinese historical series as next project

For sure she’ll look beautiful in Chinese period costume if she does take up the role. The drama is reported to be a big-budget project and is tentatively titled “Wang Xi Zhi”. But… Continue reading