Monthly Archive: Aug, 2014

what’s with this family buzzes with comedy

I’ve just watched Episode 5 and gotta say Nam Ji Hyun is cracking me up with her sing-song saturi and country bumpkin antics. Yoo Dong Geun is all straight-faced humour and grudging warmth… Continue reading

kim young kwang is sweet in plus nine boys

Attractive by association? I love Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun, and their model buddy Kim Young Kwang is kinda cute in tvN’s Plus Nine Boys. I never minded Kim Young Kwang… Continue reading

review: Hi! School: Love On Episode 7

It is a case of implicitly trusting each other but ironically doubting one’s worth in the other party’s eyes. Seul Bi learns the hard way how imperfect humans are but at the same… Continue reading

manly does it…

My heavenly oppas Lee Jung Jae and So Ji Sub burn up the pages with all forms of chiselled good looks and sexy, dashing demeanours. And swathed in fuzzy sweaters. Lee Jung Jae… Continue reading

park si yeon + no min woo tumble in bed

There aren’t many stills being released of The Greatest Marriage but snippets of a bed scene usually get viewers talking. In this case, it’s relevant because Park Si Yeon’s character is a single… Continue reading

preview: You Light Up My Star Episode 14

Gosh. Man Ling gets betrayed yet again by her assistant. And this time both her reputation and her reconciliation with Cheng Wei are at stake. It’s yet another mountain to climb for our… Continue reading

my spring day bubbles forth more warmth in second teaser

I never thought I would ever describe Kam Woo Sung as cute but cute he is in the second teaser of My Spring Day. The OTP cuddle up for a nap in the… Continue reading

she’s so lovable unveils heart-tugging second teaser

OMO. Love the bittersweet tune playing in the background. And the cinematography is so dreamy and light. Rain emotes with simmering sexy maturity and I like Krystal’s fleeting amused smile at the end.… Continue reading

reset for the curious

I’m basically crazy over cable these days. I decided to check out Reset over at OCN just for fun and whaddya know…the first episode piqued my curiosity enough to inspire me to follow… Continue reading

nam ji hyun + park hyung sik get cosy

Nam Ji Hyun is one of the few former child actresses that I genuinely like. She stars in weekend drama What’s With This Family, caught in a love triangle with Park Hyung Sik… Continue reading

kim sae ron is frantic in manhole

Kim Sae Ron is a bona fide movie star in her own right. She clocks way more movies than dramas and I’m looking forward to Manhole, a film about people disappearing mysteriously via… Continue reading

woo hyun toes the line

Heh. Poor Woo Hyun keeps getting his positioning wrong for the swoony “Come over to my side now.” scene. Another cute BTS cut released but the shamelessly biased me just focused on Kim… Continue reading