kim sae ron is frantic in manhole


Kim Sae Ron is a bona fide movie star in her own right. She clocks way more movies than dramas and I’m looking forward to Manhole, a film about people disappearing mysteriously via the thousands of manholes found in every metropolis. I love how diverse her projects are and she’s just such a great joy to watch. Not to mention so gorgeous to look at. Manhole sees her taking a more sinister role, which is the opposite of the cheery, bright Lee Seul Bi we love.


Kim Sae Ron did mention in an interview that she decided to do Hi! School: Love On because she wanted to take on a more light-hearted character for once since she tends to select more serious, dramatic projects. Whatever. I love her in anything. She’s growing so fine and beautiful and oozes so much natural talent that I lap up anything she throws at the audience. And we all know she’s so gonna rock rom-coms or lovey-dovey melodramas if she chooses to work on those as she grows older. But judging from her projects so far, I think she’ll be super selective on what she signs her name on and I don’t see her just focusing on the romantic genre. What a chameleon. What a girl.


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