reset for the curious


I’m basically crazy over cable these days. I decided to check out Reset over at OCN just for fun and whaddya know…the first episode piqued my curiosity enough to inspire me to follow the series. It’s doesn’t really play mind games like Gap Dong and I find the plot quite straightforward despite all the talk about hypnosis and face twins of dead first loves. I’ve never been a fan of Chun Jung Myung or Kim So Hyun so I’m honest-to-goodness watching Reset for the story. And also for the wonderful Park Won Sang (who hilariously sprouts sageuk speech all the time) and the sweet, hazy teenage flashbacks of Kim So Hyun and Choi Soo Han, who make a cute couple by the way.





CJM is Cha Woo Jin (WJ), a genius prosecutor, tormented by nightmares of the murder of his first love 15 years ago in which the murderer was never caught. He uses hypnosis in a desperate attempt to recall his fragmented memories of the tragedy but hits a dead end each time. He encounters a high school girl, Jo Eun Bi (EB), played by KSH, who looks identical to his first love and she gets embroiled in the murder of the son of a mafia kingpin. WJ hypnotises EB and figures she didn’t commit the crime and decides to help her clear her name. The kingpin’s son in true fact murdered his girlfriend earlier before he was murdered himself.

But dead girlfriend’s dad offers to turn himself in for killing his daughter’s boyfriend for revenge. So the devastated dad drives to the police station but insists on talking to only WJ. But instead of confessing his crime, he bizarrely hums a song – that WJ instantly recognises as the one he wrote and sang for his first love 15 years ago. But before WJ can find out anything more, the older man blows himself up. And WJ suddenly recalls his lost memories – or part of them.

The narrative does sound a little complicated and messy in words but it actually isn’t. There is quite a bit of blood and gore but overall, the drama isn’t as dark as it sounds. I’m just taking it as another crime thriller where the leads are working against time to solve the case, with an unknown enemy lurking in the midst, who is probably the mastermind of the murder 15 years ago. I usually enjoy dramas of this genre so this is easy watching for me. Reset isn’t ultra intriguing or mind-blowing, but I do want to know what happened 15 years ago and whether EB is WJ’s first love’s face twin by coincidence or because of some other sinister or supernatural reasons. Thus, I’ll be rolling along for the ride as the drama embarks on its 10-episode run. Reset airs on Sundays over OCN.