review: Hi! School: Love On Episode 7


It is a case of implicitly trusting each other but ironically doubting one’s worth in the other party’s eyes. Seul Bi learns the hard way how imperfect humans are but at the same time, she discovers how giving and loving they can be. But is all that enough to give up immortality and the assurance of an eternity of no pain and suffering? Is Woo Hyun worth it?

SB gets ready for school in good spirits. She copies WH’s signature kiss-and-shoot facing the mirror. GAHHHHHHHH. CUTENESS. WH hollers at her to hurry up. She hollers back that she’s on her way. OMO. These two are killing me. They’re acting like some young adult couple rather teenagers.


They play games as they walk to school and KS comes around and suggests they have a game of basketball. SB offers to be the referee. SY walks by and SB asks whether he wants to join them. He refuses at first, but when WH comments he has “sense” for staying away from a game he is certain to lose, he changes his mind and decides to join them. HEH. SB grumbles the two boys keep fighting and runs after SY. WH mutters they keep fighting because of her and KS wonders aloud whether there is really a love triangle going on.

JS is amused with YE and YN for asking his help to implicate SB as a thief. The girls argue that by helping them, he gets to taunt WH too. JS is pretty sharp – he knows YN is targeting SB because she likes WH and muses YN doesn’t seem to mind that WH is going to have a tough time if SB is implicated. Even JS is aware that if you truly like someone, you wouldn’t want that person to go through any kind of difficulty. But he agrees to help them since he gets to hit at WH anyway.

YN puts on a theatrical performance of losing her phone and mentions she had slot money between the phone cover. She also lets slip that she met SB the day before and everyone in class starts to suspect SB is the culprit. JS and gang corners the cowardly boy and gets him to slip his phone into SB’s schoolbag. ARGHHHHHHHH.

The oblivious SB is happily playing referee to the basketball game and when WH tickles SY into submission, she fouls them. Hahaha. But the brief happiness dispels as both cowardly boy’s phone and YN’s phone (without the money) are found in SB’s bag. SB is called to the office with YN and cowardly boy. SB insists she is innocent but the teachers don’t believe her. She also refuses to apologise to them since she knows she didn’t do it. Good on her! You go, gal. Homeroom teacher punishes her with extra classroom duties and gently instructs her to reflect on her wrongdoings.

Back in class, WH is livid when the others speculate how SB was faking her innocence while SY asks them to shut up. SB figures YN was lying all along and keeps asking why the other girl is treating her this way. YN replies spitefully that it’s because she dislikes SB.

WH drags SB to a quiet corner and demands to know how the phones ended up in her bag. SB is upset that he suspects her too. Oh dearie, he doesn’t. He luuuurves you too much. He’s just as straightforward as a ruler and possesses no tact. He’s just wants to know how you ended up in such a pitiful situation.


SB shares she doesn’t know how cowardly boy’s phone ended up in her bag but she knows YN has pulled a petty stunt on her. WH chides her for not telling him she met YN the day before and SB replies it was because the other girl told her to keep it a secret from WH. WH gets all riled up that SB doesn’t seem to be aware of what trouble she is in. But SB replies she knows that WH doesn’t trust her and walks off forlornly. WH gets more frustrated that she thinks that way and messes up his hair. He’s going to be bald in a day if he keeps that up.


Meanwhile, the bullies beat up cowardly boy and WH finds him later. WH demands the other boy tell the truth and when SB sees them together, she slides WH a disgruntled glare. WH thinks she thinks he was the one who beat up the boy. In class, SB informs the teacher she didn’t do it. SY and WH try to defend her again but to no avail. SB is ostracised by everyone.


On the way home, SB says she never once thought WH had beaten up the boy. WH counters that she looked as if she thought so earlier and SB responds WH is the one who looks like he doesn’t believe her. WH bursts out he’s just hates the idea of her being wronged and SB replies she won’t be feeling wronged if he trusts her. WH yanks his hair again in frustration. Heh.


Grandma’s back and cooks them a hearty meal. SB has no appetite and leaves the table first. She heads up to the rooftop to look at the photos of she and WH and grumbles, “Psycho Woo Hyunie! I hate you!” Heh. Just how many pics did KSR and WH snap for that scene? Hahaha. She discovers her face is vanishing and Sunbae materialises and says it’s a fact that she’ll slowly disappear if she doesn’t make up her mind soon. She’s neither fully human or fully angel at the moment.



When Sunbae brings up why some angels had returned the black note, SB guesses it’s because they fell in love with humans and she’s right. Sunbae warns her that human love is ever changing and SB is conflicted on hearing that. Meanwhile, WH intends to pay YN the money back but sighs that the hurt SB feels can’t be assuaged so easily. The next day, he spots SB brooding alone in the classroom and gazes at her wordlessly. Woo Hyun-ah…you’re making this noona melt. I bet SB is brooding over the fact that human love can change and linking it to WH not trusting her.




SB and WH meet at the classroom entrance and exchange disturbed but loaded stares. Well, the kids have dumped SB’s desk somewhere. This is nuts. Do the teachers let their students get away with anything?? WH storms off to find it, followed by SB. SY enters later and sees the missing desk and goes up to YN and YE, saying that he warned them earlier to stop pulling these childish pranks.

When YE and YN insist SB is the culprit and doesn’t get why SY keeps defending her, he barks that it is because she’s different from them. YES! Say it to the b***hes’ faces. WH finds SB’s desk in the court and when SB comes along, he tells her to go home for the day. SB answers she isn’t running away since she didn’t do anything wrong. She tells him to move away and grabs her desk. He grouses that she’s having a difficult time and she replies she is having a hard time not because of the kids, but because WH doesn’t trust her. WH is totally exasperated and calls her an idiot. Awwwww.




SB drags her desk back slowly and when SY steps in to help her, she stops him, saying it is something she has to do alone. The trio end up being late for class but WH is the latest and is asked to stand outside the classroom. WH broods outside while SB thinks about him. Awwwww. Help.


WH seeks out YN and returns her the money she had lost, and also apologises on SB’s behalf. The stupid girl doesn’t get it and tries her luck by commenting WH must be shocked about SB’s stealing incident. He doesn’t reply her but asks in stead why she met SB that day and why she asked SB to keep their meeting a secret. YN stammers she didn’t and SB was the one who wanted to meet her. WH just slaps her money in her palm and tells her since he has returned the money, YN should stop picking on SB. Oh WH…you’re missing the main point by a mile. You don’t know women…spurned women at that.

The class continues to pick on SB, throwing packets of milk at her and WH steps behind her to take the brunt. OMO. Did you guys see WH slap away the milk carton in mid-air? So cooool. When JS makes unkind comments again, WH loses his cool, leaps over the tables to whack the daylights out of JS. I know I shouldn’t condone violence but I loved that superhero leap across the tables. Namja. SY tries to stop WH, while SB just looks on despondently. The boys are hauled up by the gym teacher and their parents are to be called.



Hotdog girl appears and tells SB she knows that she isn’t a thief. But WH is having a hard time since he keeps getting angry and keeps fighting over her. SIGH. She likes WH too right? Is that girl under the umbrella in the first episode her? NOOOOOOOOO. I only want SB for WH.

SY and WH take a timeout and when SY dishes that SB is being picked on because YN likes him and because JS wants to taunt him, WH is genuinely surprised that everything is happening to SB because of him. HA. He’s so clueless it’s adorable. That’s probably why SY doesn’t dislike him. WH doesn’t have a mean or vicious bone in his body.


Grandma calls Stepmom out and begs her to take in WH. Grandma passes her the money she saved for WH (his university fees, his wedding, etc) but Stepmom says she can’t do it. She asks about WH’s dad and guesses right that Grandma can’t contact her son. Poor WH.

Anyway, it’s hilarious how amused and easygoing SY’s dad is about SY getting into trouble at school and he being called to see the teacher. I bet this is SY’s first time. SY begs his dad to keep it from Stepmom, and the older man offers to do so only if SY drinks up all the health drinks Stepmom has been feeding him. Then only, it’s fair. Hahahahaha. Love the father-son relationship.

Back at Miss Gong’s, SB sighs her current situation now is really like the dramas – the lead is feeling all frustrated and helpless and not being able to do anything. Plus, SB is sad that WH is having a tough time because of her. On the other hand, WH muses that the OTPs in dramas usually get on very well and happy. Not like he and SB. Hehe. They’re cuteness overload.


The next morning, Grandma is incensed she is called to see the teachers. And WH’s method of informing via reading out a text he sends her is soooo funny and cheeky. JS tries to rile WH at school before the parents’ meeting, but WH and SY both say Grandma isn’t a pushover.

But things turn out not as smoothly and when Grandma starts to beg JS’s dad, WH kneels down to apologise for beating up JS. I love SY’s dad for trying to speak up for Grandma – he’s such a lovely man. When JS snipes sarcastically about Grandma and figures money wins all, SY gives him one hard punch and snaps that JS has money but nothing else. Hmmm. I’m really curious now why JS doesn’t dare to do anything to SY.

SB enters the room and confesses that everything is her fault. JS was picking on her because she was rumoured to be a thief, and WH and SY were just trying to help her when they got into a fight with JS. The teachers are shocked and sympathetic.

When JS’s dad tries to interfere further, Stepmom brings up JS’s cheating case that was swept under the carpet. Gym teacher hastily brings up the fact that JS’s dad was the one who paid for the gym flooring and what’s not, and JS’s dad shuts him up in embarrassment. Ha. Yep, integrity can’t be bought with money. JS’s dad mumbles he’ll handle his own son and ask the teachers to handle the rest of the kids.

SY’s flashes a thumbs-up to his wife for doing a good job and when Grandma asks later how he is related to her, she is horrified to find out they are married. WH receives a seven-day probation and 20 hours of school community service as punishment. He’s happy with that since JS’s dad originally wanted him to get kicked out of school.


At home, Grandma can’t believe the coincidence of Stepmom and SY’s dad. The kids return and they apologise. Grandma says she understands why WH did what he did but there will always be injustice in life and he can’t react so rashly all the time. SB apologises to Grandma that because of her, Grandma and WH have been hurt. Grandma assures her that’s not the case and tells her not to get hurt herself.

The couple bump into each other on the rooftop and both apologise at the same time. SB is sorry that WH has gone through so much and is punished because of her, while he is sorry that she is having a tough time because of him and is unable to protect her. And he’s sorry that he can’t do anything for her. Awwwww. SB hurriedly refutes that he’s done soooo many things for her and she knows he didn’t beat up cowardly boy. WH replies he knows that she didn’t steal.


He goes over to sit next to her and suggests they promise that they both will always trust each other no matter what happens. They pink-swear on it and we cut to WH back in his bedroom, saying he will protect her from now on. And make her happy. Both she and Grandma. OMO. I’m going to cry…


Sunbae is with SB and he says now she knows how difficult being human can be and urges her to return. He disappears and SB picks up the black note. She thinks back of WH defending her. She’s leaving because she doesn’t WH to get hurt or get into trouble because of her. She puts her palm on the book: she thanks WH and wishes him happiness. There’s a huge electrical force field and her eyes glow blue.

Episode 8 is going to be devastating since Grandma is going to pass away and SB is going to leave WH after making happy memories with him. Their happy times are going to be swoony but seeing WH running desperately and he sobbing in the arms of a crying SB at the end had me tearing. The last time I sniffled watching a preview was that of the last episode of The Pursuit Of Happiness.

This episode tackled the issue of trust and I enjoyed it. The thing is, both obviously trusted each other but didn’t trust that the other trusted them. Which meant they actually doubted themselves in the eyes of the other. SY, SB and WH were all wonderful in this episode. SY defending both WH and SB – I like that he punched JS for insulting Grandma, knowing that WH couldn’t do it.

My heart breaks for WH because he was sorta forced to apologise because he didn’t want Grandma begging. And who doesn’t love him for defending SB all the way? SB was heart-breaking too because she staunchly stood up for herself and Sunbae’s words about how untrustworthy human love is made her waver and doubt WH’s trust in her. And her stance is simple: she can survive with everyone else not trusting her except that of WH. I have nothing nice to say about YN and YE so I shan’t say anything except that I fervently hope they get their just desserts soon.

I just adore how mature and honest the kids are with each other. WH may be simple-minded but he seems to have a knack for pinpointing how to make a relationship work, be it a platonic or romantic one. I loved their last exchange on the rooftop. It was meaningful that they worked out their trust issues with each other in a sensible manner, both admitting their faults. And WH admitting he can’t do anything for SB and SB instantly refuting that was pure sweetness and reflects just how much they mean to each other, to the point they really, really hate the idea of failing the other party in any way.

WH’s promise to himself that he’ll protect SB and make her happy is so him: simple but heartfelt, uncomplicated but so darned moving. It just makes Episode 8 so much more heartbreaking. SB is going do all these wonderful things with him (they are so bloody cute in the preview) and then leave him with absolutely nothing. SY is going to be WH’s best buddy with Grandma and SB gone. But that’s before he finds out Stepmom is WH’s real mom. Urgh.

But back to SB – she obviously returned to angel status but we see her spending time with WH and attending Grandma’s funeral. Thus, she still can be seen by the human eye. Either she asked for more time to stay as a human or she just automatically vanishes after a period of time. Well, if according to the logic that angels become human after they fall in love with a human…what if SB has already fallen in love with WH…does that mean she can’t turn fully back into an angel??

KSR was just perfect in this episode. My heart totally ached for her and she emoted so beautifully that I felt all her confusion, hurt and desolation. She and WH continue to kick-ass as a couple. Their chemistry has come to a point that they really need no words to express themselves when they are staring at each other – you know how they feel and what they are trying to tell each other just by looking at them. There is chemistry even when they aren’t looking at each other (WH gazing at SB through the window) or appearing side-by-side in split screens.

It has become so effortless on their part, really. They had more serious scenes in this episode that required more emotional depth and they totally nailed it by being flawlessly in tune with each other on all levels. The best part? I don’t think KSR and WH are done yet. I think they will continue to throw tons more awesomeness at us as we see from the preview.

Thanks to KSR’s all-round wonderful talent, WH is seriously stepping up his game just by continuing to act opposite her. I think she is drawing his best out of him and on his part, his flexibility and sincere effort in ensuring a loveline with her comes off believable is in turn letting KSR churn out such a lovely performance in her maiden foray into the romance genre. It’s really fab teamwork backed by electrifying chemistry. I love both of them for allowing me to enjoy so much as a viewer and pulling me in to invest in the SB-WH story big-time.

Ready the tissues for Episode 8…WHICH IS NOT AIRING NEXT WEEK!!!! Yup, thanks to some baseball game. This is going to be torture. Can’t KBS swap around this drama into another timeslot just for next week? The production team better drop TONS of goodies for me to tide over two weeks of no SB and WH…