what’s with this family buzzes with comedy


I’ve just watched Episode 5 and gotta say Nam Ji Hyun is cracking me up with her sing-song saturi and country bumpkin antics. Yoo Dong Geun is all straight-faced humour and grudging warmth as the Cha family patriarch, who loves and fusses over this three grown children like there’s no tomorrow. .

“Loving your children is an eternal one-sided affair.” says Aunt as she clucks her tongue at her Oppa fretting over his three children, who aren’t home yet. Plus, it’s going to rain. Aunt continues they’ll take of themselves: they have umbrellas, they can take a taxi….well, they’ll do as deem fit as adults who can fend for themselves. Thank goodness potential daughter-in-law, Nam Ji Hyun’s Seo Wool, takes the maknae, Park Hyung Sik’s Dal Bong to task with her nagging and kindness.


Seo Wool (SW) is quick to point out to Dal Bong (DB) that he doesn’t pay much attention to his dad: he doesn’t worry whether Dad has had dinner, he doesn’t notice that Dad’s shoes are all old and worn. She advises him to be good to Dad when he is by his side – in other words, when Dad is still living in this world. Or he may regret it in the future.


Gotta love SW’s budding relationship with Dad and I never thought the term “abeonim” could incite the giggles. When a second female stranger calls Dad “abeonim”, he gives her a shrewd once-over instead of getting a heart attack. Ah. The power of experience. His wry calmness is at odds with the astonished SW and DB. HEH.



So the unexpected twist in the plot is that SW actually rescued Eun Ho (Seo Kang Joon), not DB, from drowning all those years ago. HMMMM. So now I’m curious as to why SW thinks that she saved DB and how this whole mistaken victim fiasco came about.

As to why DB hasn’t corrected her misassumption yet is anyone’s guess. He did have a crush on her all those years ago and now he is fairly fascinated by her. Fascinated enough to consider buying her a dress that he caught her lusting after. Sweeet.



I was laughing at SW’s reaction to the modern update of patbingsoo. She was dissing the Seoul version all the way until she tried it, and went on to slurp the whole thing down though it was intended to be a treat from her to EH. And EH promptly ordered another one for her – his treat this time. HA.



While the SW-DB story is developing quite deftly, the other romances are still in their infancy. Gang Sim and Tae Joo are still work adversaries at the moment while Gang Jae and Hyo Jin have barely interacted. But when they start on the lovey-dovey, Dad is going to be one busy man.