Monthly Archive: August, 2014

she’s so lovable drops sunny first teaser

RAIN IS HOT. And the drama feels more spritely than I expected. Rain looks more like an indulgent older brother but I guess the vibe fits the bill for the initial part of… Continue reading

crown prince fends off paparazzi

HA. I saw the BTS video of this scene where Lee Jin Wook pretended to be all furious and protective when reporters tried to take pics while he and Seo Hyun Jin were… Continue reading

smiles behind the scenes

If Kim Sae Ron and Woo Hyun get any cuter, I’m going to shrink them and put them in my pocket. And produce paper cut-out dolls of them. Anyway, we also get BTS… Continue reading

old love versus new love

I love it when both men are worthy rivals and we get to enjoy that in My Secret Hotel. There’s the unforgettable old love with the bittersweet memories; there’s the incredible new love… Continue reading

my spring day drops first trailer + stills

My Spring Day is all sweet melancholy with a touch of stirring warmth. I’m quite surprised how much I am moved by the first teaser and Kam Woo Sung’s heartfelt narration. Just those… Continue reading

my secret hotel releases first ost

Finally. The haunting ballad that has been haunting me. My Secret Hotel is effusing such fab vibes, all the more for its incredible soundtrack so far. First up is Secret by Yoon Seong… Continue reading

my love, my bride releases trailer

Watching the brief clip just reinstates how super Shin Min Ah is in rom-coms. Coupled with the equally charming Jo Jeong Seok, I’m all in for this zany romp. The movie follows how… Continue reading

a touch here… a gaze there

My Secret Hotel is utterly satisfying to watch and now I get why it is labelled a “killing romance”. Nothing beats intricately crafted leads who just reel you into the story needing no… Continue reading

review: You Light Up My Star Episode 13

A second chance is hard to come by in most circumstances, especially when it comes to love. Man Ling almost has Cheng Wei convinced to give their relationship a second try but before… Continue reading

all for one… me for all!

Three Musketeers is officially my sageuk obsession for 2014. Episode 2 sealed the deal for me. The drama has “addiction” scrawled all over it. We delve deeper into the main characters and suddenly,… Continue reading

embrace the sweetness…

It was once said that the power of gentleness is irresistible. Hong Jong Hyun is probably the epitome of that adage. When I say I’m watching We Got Married, it frankly means I’m… Continue reading

review: Marriage Without Love Episode 16 [finale]

Doesn’t matter if you are caught in a storm. Huddle close and hold on tight to each other; brave the wind, rain and thunder together. Jang Mi and Ki Tae finally seal the… Continue reading