Monthly Archive: August, 2014

c’mon… propose to me…

Oh my. Da Jung-ahhhhhh. Crushing Jae Woo repeatedly to her bosom. Poor Jae Woo has to cling on to the weakened vestiges of his willpower in order not to do more than that… Continue reading

review: You Light Up My Star Episode 12

So our OTP will play house for a month and are committed to tumbling together on the same bed for at least 25 days…starting from the next episode. DARN. This episode sees Man… Continue reading

tvN releases bts footage of cute scenes

. Gotta love tvN’s extension of fan service. Anyway, the network released the BTS for the comical “foreplay” scene between Han Groo and Yeon Woo Jin, and Yoo In Ah’s drunken proposal to… Continue reading

my secret hotel is both beguiling + breezy

tvN likes their heroines sloshed, all right. I only had time to check out one drama and well, despite my eagerness to drool over Eric, curiosity reigned supreme and I checked out My… Continue reading

three musketeers = joseon cowboy swagger

Three Musketeers is more style than substance but thoroughly entertaining. Yang Dong Geun is dripping kooky charisma and insanely fun to watch. He’s the ultimate bohemian bodyguard – if there’s such a term.… Continue reading

kim tae hee is a poetic beauty in period drama

Boyfriend’s looking hot, so is Girlfriend. It has always been a no-brainer that Kim Tae Hee would look glorious in sageuk or a Chinese equivalent. Her face and petite figure is just perfect… Continue reading

she’s so lovable kicks off production [updated with new pics]

Oooh. It’s too early to tell how the drama She’s So Lovable will turn out but at least I know Rain and Krystal will be visually appealing. The pair looked good at the… Continue reading

review: Marriage Without Love Episode 14

Playing it cool sounds sophisticated and easy, but once one tries his/her hand at it, it’s a lot harder to do and to accept the other party doing the same. Yeo Reum actually… Continue reading

review: Hi! School: Love On Episode 5

When the OTP chemistry is firing on all cylinders, every scene with them in it – even with others around – is an OTP scene. Kim Sae Ron and Woo Hyun didn’t have… Continue reading

review: Marriage Without Love Episode 13

Ki Tae finally tells Jang Mi he likes her. Jang Mi finally believes he is sincere. They share a lovely kiss and though they agree to be together, they aren’t exactly on the… Continue reading

romance on the way…

Drama fans will be treated with fresh infusions of lovey-dovey and heartthrobs when KBS’ Discovery Of Romance and tvN’s My Secret Hotel premiers next Monday. I’ve included the long trailer of the former… Continue reading

preview: You Light Up My Star Episode 12

There’s such a vast difference when a love rival is a worthy one, even if only briefly. Cheng Wei continues to do whatever with Yi Fang while Man Ling gallivants in Hong Kong… Continue reading