Monthly Archive: Sep, 2014

not quite a girl…[updated]

Kim Sae Ron continues to prove she’s all grown up and possesses more than enough feminine charm to carry her own romance drama on her slim shoulders. She has been actively promoting her… Continue reading

baby not baby daddy wanted

Whether Greatest Marriage is good is debatable but it is watchable. No Min Woo’s Tae Yeon is quirky but likeable, while Park Si Yeon’s Ki Young is a va-va-vroom combination of strength and… Continue reading

love can be a stab in the heart

Mi Ryung and So Hyun finally reunite proper and it’s admittedly bittersweet. But while Mi Ryung may harbour lingering feelings for So Hyun, I’m not too sure whether he feels the same way.… Continue reading

cat’s out of the bag

Watching Kam Woo Sung in My Spring Days reminds me why (much) older men trump younger lads sometimes. We had two big reveals in this week’s episodes, but both were played down by… Continue reading

at arm’s length…

I like this couple. They’re not swoony or moony, but just so funny. Song Jae Rim is just cracking me up all the way. He’s so unrepentantly unabashed and cheesy, which makes good… Continue reading

review: Hi! School: Love On Episode 9

HOW MUCH BETTER CAN THIS DRAMA GET? The episode flew by and the writer continues to pen and develop the characters pf Seul Bi, Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol with consistent thoughtfulness. And… Continue reading

review: You Light Up My Star Episode 16-17

I’ve decided to lump two episodes at one go until the finale simply because there really isn’t much to rave about this drama anymore. The narrative is so disjointed and superficial, while poor… Continue reading

you’re my woman anyway…

HA! I’m loving all the BTS for Three Musketeers. Seeing Lee Jin Wook and Seo Hyun Jin fool around on the set is pure cuteness and may I add…a teeny weeny swoony. The… Continue reading

grabbing hold of the right one…

What’s With This Family brandishes a fun, hilarious cast with an equally rollicky narrative to boot. Gang Shim and Tae Joo are cracking me up but I find their solemn exchanges just as… Continue reading

tony yang picks tong hua drama as next project

Sigh. I was hoping he would do a Taiwanese drama but that ain’t happening. Tentatively labelled Destined To Love You, the Chinese series is set in the Republican-era and revolves around a military… Continue reading

look no further for love…

One would be hard-pressed not to jump on the So Hyun-Yoon Seo bandwagon with Lee Jin Wook and Seo Hyun Jin doing a terrific job of breathing life into their grand Joseon romance.… Continue reading

abs, kisses and steamy showers

Should I be rooting for Hae Young? I guess I’m supposed to but based on real-life personal character preference, I would pick Sung Gyum in a heartbeat. Hae Young is sweet but zero… Continue reading