cat’s out of the bag


Watching Kam Woo Sung in My Spring Days reminds me why (much) older men trump younger lads sometimes. We had two big reveals in this week’s episodes, but both were played down by Dong Ha’s very anti-drama hero response. To be blunt, it’s the awesome ajusshi response. Most Aausshis would be jaded enough with life and realistic as to not react rashly and dramatically to events like these. They are more matter-of-fact and have no energy to beat-around-the-bush. I appreciate Kam Woo Sung’s low-key delivery in both instances, which helps in making this heart transplant fiasco and two-brothers-liking-the-same-woman-twice arc more palatable. Anyway, both reveals caught me a little off-guard as I didn’t think they would occur so soon.

“DO YOU REALLY NOT KNOW WHY?” Such exasperation before his love confession. I was torn between laughing and feeling sorry for poor DH when his attempts to distance himself from BI failed abysmally since BI has no clue why he was doing so and keeps asking him why he is avoiding her. And instead continues to shower him with heaven-knows-what nutritional concoctions. And DH goes on to say he likes her in that frank, incredulous, irritated, resigned tone. I love that he chose truth over bulls**t and said it as it is. I don’t think he actually planned on admitting his feelings for her but it is the ONLY way to squash her persistence. Though it had the opposite effect on her and sets her thinking of her own feelings for DH. Hyungnim? Abeonim? Really?

The second big reveal: DW spilling the beans to DH that BI is the recipient of his dear departed wife’s heart. Shock and realisation hits DH as he finally understands why he keeps feeling a sense of deja vu with BI. It explains everything yet complicates some things. But I have faith that DH would know how to differentiate between past love and new-found love – he just needs to convince BI later that he can. And convince her that she can, too.