Monthly Archive: Nov, 2014

she got her answer…

Why do want to humans love and live when they know they will eventually separate from each other and die? I almost forgot Seul Bi asked those questions all those months ago and… Continue reading

doo joon is no geek

Ahhh. Doo Joon. I haven’t posted anything on him for the longest time. He has acted in a few dramas: Iris 2 was pretty crappy in my opinion and I don’t like watching… Continue reading

getting ready for the big day

It’s time to get hitched!!! And I’ve never been so excited for a WGM couple before. Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun keep up the cuddles and I love them for it.… Continue reading

looking at you

The OST soundtrack I’ve been eagerly waiting for has finally being released in full. Looking At You by M.C The Max for Birth Of A Beauty. It’s nothing unique but it is soulful… Continue reading

review: Hi! School: Love On Episode 17

How do you top this young OTP? Seul Bi redefines the meaning of trust and raises it to such a level that it is humbling. She holds up her end of their bargain,… Continue reading

tony yang goes bald for royalty

I don’t know what happened that made Tony Yang do an intra-Tong Hua swap from her new Chinese drama to the movie version of Bu Bu Jing Xin…but I’m glad it did. Tony… Continue reading

valid love leads form a cosy triangle

HEH. I just wanted to screen-cap Lee Soo Hyuk. If only I could voice-cap his deep, dark chocolate voice so that readers can drown in it together with me. This is the BTS… Continue reading

yoo ji tae reports to the healer

Finally some decent stills of Yoo Ji Tae in upcoming KBS drama, Healer. Love the rugged parka with the preppy checked-shirt-and-tie combo – serious with an edge. Which I bet that will be… Continue reading

oh ji ho + jung yoo mi are aloof for sure

Gah. Hate Oh Ji Ho’s hair and moustache but the overall effect of his shoot with Servants co-star Jung Yoo Mi isn’t at all bad. Kinda appealing in a slightly vapid glamorous way.… Continue reading

lee. jung. jae

Trust the ridiculously sexy Lee Jung Jae to steam up a photo shoot all by himself – by being himself. Armed with canine candy and bucket loads of macho charisma. My Oppa is… Continue reading

boysitter drops super extended trailer

This has potential addiction scrawled all over it. If you enjoy Taiwanese dramas, that is. I’m half in love with Boysitter just by watching the long trailer. River Huang and Annie Chen’s characters… Continue reading

does like = love???

YES! When it comes to Seul Bi and Woo Hyun. WHEE!!! I did a random check and am soooooo happy that another unaired scene of Hi! School: Love On has been released. And… Continue reading