Monthly Archive: Jan, 2015

recalling lee soon + jang ok jung

Don’t ask me why but I suddenly had a Yoo Ah In + Kim Tae Hee craving and started searching for old fan videos of the two. And awwwwwwww. I admit I had… Continue reading

bluebird’s house to succeed what’s with this family

It’s quite a refreshing change to have a non multi-generational family story helming KBS weekend dramas. Though I have no complaints if KBS keeps producing fab stuff like Wonderful Season and What’s With… Continue reading

bloody angst

Blood dropped another teaser and there is lots going on. I still kinda feel that Ji Jin He is a little wasted in this fluffy, trendy drama but oh well, that may be… Continue reading

review: Spy Episode 7

Seon Woo is sharp and is starting to catch on the abnormalities with the people around him. His only Achilles’ heel is Yoon Jin, who continues to struggle with her double life. Hye… Continue reading

little star

Kim Sae Ron attended the 4th Gaon Chart Kpop Awards on January 28. Unfortunately, Woo Hyun and gang weren’t there – I didn’t see the group listed as a prize winner in any… Continue reading

hogu’s love holds press conference + releases long teaser

Uee is dieting for this drama and it shows. She isn’t scarily skinny but I love her when she has a little more flesh on her bones. Anyway, the press conference was held… Continue reading

can’t meet though we’re in love

The OST has been released for upcoming drama, Love Across Thousands Of Years a.k.a the Chinese remake of Queen In Hyun’s Man. The song title is loosely translated as “Can’t meet though we’re… Continue reading

ji hyun woo + baro confirmed for angry mom

I’m officially interested in Angry Mom – just because I’m curious whether it will turn into a hot mess. Ji Hyun Woo is confirmed to be the male lead and I think he… Continue reading

ji jin hee is out for blood

OPPAAAAAAA. Finally. A Blood teaser featuring Ji Jin Hee. So suave. So his eyes glow red while Ahn Jae Hyun’s glow blue? I guess the cane is to make him more gothic and… Continue reading

kim sae ron pulls dj duty + lists woo hyun’s song as fave

Kim Sae Ron adds radio hosting duties to her repertoire with MBC. And she declared Woo Hyun’s song Cactus as one of her faves. Plus, she also admitted that after acting with Infinite,… Continue reading

double dose of yoo ah in

I’ll be one happy noona if Yoo Ah In decides to return to dramaland – with a split personality, no less. The fact I’m curious about the rumours of his casting in Dr… Continue reading

if her foot fits

Hogu’s Love continues to churn out whacky, adorable publicity and it is me or does Choi Woo Shik get more baby-cute each time? I’m enjoying so much his comfy, casual interaction with Uee… Continue reading