review: Spy Episode 11


Seon Woo decides Mom should back off and let him handle the North Korean spies. There is logic in that since he officially has the capacity to do so while Hye Rim is just busting corners and years of her life trying to deal with Ki Chul with her rusty spook skills. But then again, there is no knowing the fierce resilience of a mother’s heart.

SW silently draws his gun but halts when KC mentions that he is alone. SW orders KC to erase all evidence of his parents’ involvement in this matter as he intends to handle it on his own. KC agrees to do so on the condition SW gets the infamous hard disc from JS. Comrade’s lackeys are unable to break into SW’s place and instead sets off the security alarm. HR scurries out to check but the lackey has vanished without a trace. Comrade texts YJ that the kidnap attempt has been called off and she is so relieved that she bursts into tears, causing poor YS to be bewildered. YS thinks YJ is crying because SW cancelled their appointment and sweetly tries to comfort the older woman, which only makes YJ feel worse.

Back at the North Korean hideout, KC passes SW a listening device to be used on JS. He later drawls they are on the same side now. Eeeks. SW barely holds in a snicker before stalking off. He bumps into Comrade and ignore all attempts of niceties. He returns home to see HR waiting for him, with curry prepared. A tip she picked up from eavesdropping on him conversations with YJ.


HR tentatively starts by admitting she doesn’t know how much SW knows about the whole situation…but SW cuts in and shares that from young, he always thought HR was too serious and sometimes fragile sometimes. And was afraid to disappoint her. He says he’s going to be brutally honest with her: he orders her to stay out – he’ll handle KC.


HR freaks out and insists she will handle KC. But SW counters that she can protect him but can she guarantee she can protect even YS? HR persists that she will protect the whole family and SW grinds out that if she had wanted to do that, she should have told the truth to them. Both mother and son are in tears, and SW leaves the house.

He calls WS and alerts his dad that he knows what’s going on, even what’s happening with JS. WS offers to help as much as he can regarding JS. HR is busy calling SW over and over but he isn’t picking up. YS shows HR her test results and instead of complimenting her, HR distractedly offers to give her more pocket money. YS gets upset and says she knows that HR prefers SW over her. YS also divulges that SW also finds HR annoying sometimes for being so rigid. HR leaves a message on SW’s phone informing him that YJ is a North Korean spy and she has been playing him from the start.

At that moment, SW seeks out YJ for comfort. Sigh. He tells him that he’s going to catch the bad guys. Yeah, that includes the one you are hugging, boy. Later, when YJ heads home, she calls Comrade and relates that something strange is going on with SW. Comrades commends her but also informs her he is right outside her house now. He barges into her house saying that he needs her help. His lackeys follow and restrain her as Comrade records what is happening on video.


HR and WS chat and WS suggests they trust SW this time – kinda love Dad for his confidence in SW. HR agrees rather insincerely and of course, starts to spin another one of her own plans. We see all three family members brooding as the night goes on. HR goes to the North Korean hideout and tries to gain entry. Meanwhile, EA shares that SY was killed by poison delivered through a pen.


SW approaches JS and HT and asks to see JS. When JS dismisses him. SW brings up the hard disc which shocks both speechless. Instantly, JS changes his tune and invites SW into his office. JS leave him inside and goes out to talk to HT. Meanwhile, SW receives the video clip of Comrade manhandling YJ. He calls back immediately and Comrade puts him on speaker so that YJ can listen in the conversation.

When Comrade threatens to cut off one of YJ’s fingers… SW bites out that he rather they kill him. YJ listens in agonised silence. Comrade asks for the hard disc in exchange for YJ’s life. After hanging up, Comrade muses that SW has really fallen in love with YJ. SW leaves the office with the hard disc in a brief case, lying to JS’s lackey that JS has directed him to bring the briefcase to him.

HT catches on and tries to stop SW. But SW manages to win him in a scuffle and warns HT that something fishy is going on with JS. JS rushes back to the office but he is too late. HR is having her face-off with KC. She figures killing him and killing herself will solve the problem since there will be no one else to threaten SW. KC tells her she is too late – SW is already in contact with Comrade and is taking the hard disc to him. SW extracts the hard disc but slaps on a barcode sticker on it. Tracking device?


Back to HR and KC who are having a terse exchange. KC asks her whether she really believes he wants to kill her? The reason that she can live in anonymity over the years is because he didn’t rattle on her. HR scoffs whether she should be thankful for that and KC counters that there is no way HR will be able to stay in South Korea if everything gets out in the open.

He suggests that they disappear together – only then can HR be assured he won’t let the cat out of the bag. HR replies hotly that they should have died together last time to prevent the present situation. KC chuckles that he is fine with that too. Omo. He doesn’t care whether he dies or lives – as long as he is with her, no?


SW heads to YJ’s apartment and sees her there, all taped up. Okaaaaay… everyone is a little too pose-y in this scene. So static, so forced. Urgh. Like a play.


Two rather heavy conversations in this episode – the one between SW and HR, and the final dramatic one between HR and KC. Both HR and SW aren’t wrong to think the way they did about the situation, though I would it is very hard to understand a mother’s heart unless you are a mother yourself. Or at least, a parent. That’s what my mom loves to say to me.

In a way, SW is right because HR’s solutions are all short-term and rather knee-jerk in execution and thought. All she wants to do is to save SW, but SW reminds her there is YS to worry about too. You don’t fool around with the North Korean contingent and SW knows that at least.

As for KC, he is nursing a warped one-sided love towards HR. Let’s just say he could have killed her anytime if he wanted to since I believe he knew she was alive and where she was from the start. I do kinda believe he did intend to leave HR alone but he bumped into SW, found out that he coincidentally is HR’s son and that prompted his personal involvement. Before that, he was happy to issue orders to the other spies such as YJ, who was sent to tackle SW.

It is a painful time for SW and well, let’s just say the next episode is gonna hurt more for him…