review: Spy Episode 12


Seon Woo and Yoon Jin have a Spy Spar and well, this is how they ended up. And I have a request: can someone please burn that hard disc everyone is coveting? Just so that we can move on to another mission. But anyway, the tables have turned and now it’s up to Seon Woo to save his mother.

SW rushes to “save” YJ. He exchanges the hard disc for YJ and Comrade happily takes his leave. SW is apologetic while YJ, unable to bear the guilt, blurts out that he is frustrating. Hasn’t he figured it out? She’s with the North Koreans – in cahoots with KC. ER. Okay, the big reveal was kinda weird and anti-climatic. SW is flustered. Of course. He doesn’t connect the dots…YJ states that the past three years was all orchestrated: she meeting him, she making him fall in love with her.

I actually think this scene would work if both actors were better actors and had chemistry. Unfortunately, they kinda flat and the whole scene reeked with awkwardness. But back to the script. YJ sneers that she can’t believe SW didn’t suspect her at all – why would she like him? They have nothing in common at all. When SW insists that he doesn’t believe what she says, YJ brings up SY and that causes SW to pause.

YJ advises rather sarcastically that SW should concentrate on protecting HR and they should stop playing these fake love games. That sparks SW’s anger and he throw her on the bed, his hand at her throat. But he finally releases her and ask that damned question: ” Were you lying when you said you loved me?” Of course, YJ replies that everything has been a bunch of lies. He leaves, quivering with hurt and rage.


YJ calls KC and says the hard disc has been obtained. KC thanks her for completing his mission and tells her she is all done here. She can return home. KC resumes negotiations with HR. At the parking lot of the spy headquarters, EA is helping HT find the keys to his handcuffs. Heh. EA muses that SW doesn’t seem like a bad guy and HT counters it’s tough trying to tell who’s good or bad in their trade. HAHA. Which is kinda true. He finds the listening device in his jacket left by SW.

Meanwhile, Comrade heads back to the hideout, all smug that he has snared the hard disc. He gives KC and HR two choices: either they die here or will serve him like dogs. HR declares she can’t die and Comrade throws her a gun: kill KC and he’ll let her live. She grabs the gun and points it at Comrade and demands that he hands the hard disc over. When he refuses and taunts her, she pulls the trigger. But the gun isn’t loaded. Bleah. He calls his lackeys to kill the two of them but they turned on him. KC ends up killing Comrade and drags HR away with him.

SW arrives soon after and views the carnage. He freezes when he spots HR’s handbag. He calls HR’s phone but KC doesn’t let her pick it up. KC calls the cops to report the shooting before heading off. SW packs up his mom’s stuff and JS calls. The older man demands that he returns the disc, but SW answers that he has post possession of it. He promises to retrieve it. JS totally loses it.

SW manages to escape via disguise. He dials KC but to no avail. Meanwhile, HT eavesdrop on JS and the director. SW heads for the airport – and yeah, YJ is there, ready to leave. She disguises herself, only to see SW waiting for her. They waste some time in close-quarter combat before he subdues her. He wants her to bring him to KC, even if means hand-cuffing himself to her. HT does his own investigating. Ha. My fave characters in the show are HT and EA.



SW and YJ drive in silence and wonder what KC is after and what he wants from HR. He seems to be on a personal vendetta. WS freaks out when KC tells him he has HR. Everyone heads towards WS’ office. SW barges in and points a gun at KC. Again.



If the synopsis didn’t describe SW as a genius analyst from the start, I wouldn’t find this drama too simplistic and almost ridiculous in the sense that SW hasn’t used his brains much at all. Mostly simple guesswork and logical deduction. But I’m still enjoying the drama because it is well-filmed and the veteran actors are putting on a good show. And I just have a soft spot for spy flicks.