choi ji woo joins lee seo jin + grandpas in greece


DAMN. Na PD showcases his genius again by inviting Choi Ji Woo along to the latest instalment of Grandpas Over Flowers. So I bet Na PD was testing the waters for this when he made her a guest in Three Meals A Day. She got along with Lee Seo Jin pretty well – since she did everything while he did nothing. HA. Anyway, the men were unaware she was tagging along until she arrived at the airport on the day they were to depart for Greece. How Na PD continues to pull off these stunts on the sly seriously surprises me. But it is always for a wicked cause and I do think Choi Ji Woo would add some giggles and cheer to the grouchy Boys Club. Choi Ji Woo is an actress I like in variety though I’m not too fond of her as an actress. But I do generally like the projects she pick and her leading men. So mayhap a drama next for she and Seo Jinie???

I can so imagine LSJ trying to make CJW do stuff while the grandpas will unite to ensure he doesn’t make her do anything. HA. Which will just set him off grumbling and complaining to Na PD on the wasted effort of having her along when she isn’t going to lighten his burden. HA.




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