review: Spy Episode 13


Ya know, I thought Spy would be all about Mom being ultra badass and using all sorts of vintage espionage tactics to bring down the baddies. But in truth, Mom is really just Mom here, someone who is ready to sacrifice herself for her family. We can be thankful that her Sonny Boy is getting smarter though in the broad sense, I do kinda wish Spy is more intelligent and mysterious all around.

SW barges into WS’s office, with YJ in tow. He aims his gun at KC – though by now we should he doesn’t really shoot most of the time. But SW is caught yet again between a rock and hard place: killing KC wouldn’t secure Mom’s release though he will get the hard disc. KC compromises with a deal: if SW and WS can break the code within a day, he’ll set Mom free.


NIS agents are on their way at JS’s order and SW and WS dash off before they arrive. WS frets whether leaving HR with the North Koreans is the best solution right now and then wonders why YJ is with them. HA. JS is thinking back of how he interrogated the man that HT has been chasing like a mad man over the years – JS had killed him accidently when the suspect reacted fatally to the spill-all injection. His director had helped him to cover up but presently, it seems that the director has no qualms throwing him to the dogs if everything goes awry.

SW dumps WS at a secluded location before speeding back to pick up YS – he knows JS wouldn’t leave her alone and he’s right. Poor HT is shell-shocked that he had been lied to all these years by WS and recalls the horrifying memory of how his partner was blown to bits in the bomb-rigged operation that led to his obsession with the culprit he calls the Supervisor.


EA calls him just then to report that the NIS agents are searching the Kims’ abode without a warrant. She stumbles across HR’s cabinet-of-secrets and discovers the pill and her written confession. Meanwhile, SW releases YJ as he had promised earlier. But she is determined to stay to help him one last time since he won’t be able to take on his colleagues alone.


While SW heads to pick up YS, KC calls YJ and orders her to help SW break the code and give it to him. YJ is suspicious since she isn’t sure whether KC’s order is a state or personal one but KC tells her it is one that will ensure the safety of her family.

SW gets YS in the nick of time and sends her off running while he deals with his colleagues. YS gets waylaid by an agent but bless her heart, she isn’t so gullible as to believe him. YJ arrives on the scene, punches the agent and whisks YS away. SW is saved by HT, who advises not to get caught. Meanwhile, KC is pushed to a state of irate when his comrades start to voice doubts whether he can see the mission through. Besides, they have noticed he is carrying a tendre for HR…



KC and HR have yet another verbal skirmish in which she taunts him that his management skills hasn’t changed at all. He points out that whatever he did in the past was to protect her but she isn’t convinced since one of his “methods” was to order her to sleep with another man. It’s too late to apologise…he tries again to convince her she leaving is the only way she can ensure her family’s safety and well-being.

YJ meets up with SW again and she tells him her mission now is to help him with the code. WS successfully breaks/hacks the hard drive and reveals the funds in which the director of NIS was referring to earlier. SW figures now isn’t the right time to hand over the drive to KC since his colleagues are after it too. They have to play their cards right in order to ensure the whole family is accounted for.


WS gets called off the case while HT and EA discuss HR’s secret identity. The NIS agents interrogate one of KC’s men and HT watches as JS pulls out with spill-all injection with flourish. HR demands to know whether KC will keep to his promise – she goes with him, her family will be guaranteed security. YJ is with WS and YS when someone tries to break into their room. JS is stunned to see a surprise visitor in his house – SW.


The drama actually does well with episode cliff hangers – just that I’m a little bummed that HR isn’t exhibiting anything of her super spy days. Which in truth is kinda logical since she hasn’t practised her skills in 30 years. But the initial drama promo was selling hard on the fact that she was going to bust all sorts of spy moves to protect her son when in fact she has been bumbling throughout the series like an amateur. Plus, the conversation of her-leaving-with-KC-in-order-to-save-her-family is getting so old that I wish she’ll just kill KC and hope for the best… to hell with their previous romantic entanglement that KC seems to want so badly to resurrect.