review: Spy Episode 14


Wouldn’t it be awesome of the entire Kim family was a dysfunctional unit of spies? That would certainly lift tired spirits up as everyone, with the exception of the hardworking Sun Woo, won’t be just getting carted from one “safe” place to another. As much as I genuinely enjoy the action scenes in Spy, I’m annoyed that we’ve been only chasing the damnable hard disc since Day One and nothing else.

WS hands the hard disc to YJ as NIS agents threaten to break down the door – he trusts her to pass it to SW. Hopefully, this would save the entire Kim family. On the other hand, SW is brokering a deal with JS – if he gives the disc to his chief, chief would ensure his family will remain safe and free of North Korean spy suspicion. That is, he expects JS to draft an official document stating NIS asked his parents to spy for them. EH? Whatever. JS sneers that he won’t be stamping his approval on any requests until SW produces the hard disc.

KC rings SW and warns him time is running out but SW buys time by lying that that there is another password to decipher. JS finds out that his men have WS and YS but not the hard disc. SW returns to where WS and YS were hiding and finds the hotel room empty. Sorta – since an NIS agent appears to chop him down only to be chopped down by SW. Good on you, son. Upset and angry, he calls JS who feigns innocence about the agent waiting to finish off SW and says his dad and sis are at home.

WS and YS are at home under the watchful eye of NIS agents. YJ suddenly appears when SW reaches the apartment building of his home. Ah. I forgot about her. She apologises for not being able to help his family and gives him the hard disc. Surprised, he asks her why when this is her ticket to freedom and her guarantee of her family’s safety. She replies shortly that they are on the same side for now. He thanks her sincerely.

HY meets SW for a secret rendezvous and by now, he knows YJ is a North Korean spook. Anyway, the two beleaguered colleagues discuss the importance of the hard disc and how it set off the whole chain of events. Frankly, I don’t give a damn because the funds aren’t even for some huge earth-shaking programme or effort but for JS’s father-in-law who needs the extra moolah for his election. Anyway, it is decided that HT, YJ and SW are one team. And YJ can continue being Mata Hari, but this time for SW.


Poor WS misses his wifey and son so much that he starts hallucinating their presence. Awwww. YJ meets up to KC to inform him that SW is intending to make a deal with WS – the disc for his family. Anyway, the good guys recruit one more member: EA! Who happens to be my favourite female character in this drama. So the trap is set for all the players to turn up.


SW gives YJ His gun, saying that she needs it more than he does. If this makes SW a genius analyst, so be it. HR gets dragged off yet again. WS turns up at the rendezvous point but he doesn’t keep his end of the deal. Since he already found out earlier HT isn’t on his side too, he plans to arrest both SW and HT. But this is EÁ’s cue to spring into action and she runs to the director to let me overhear the conversation taking place in which WS blames everyone but himself.


But one of his lackeys gets shot through and it is KC and his lackeys. And we finally have everyone at the same place, same time, wanting to kill each other. FOR THE HARD DISC. Go figure.

I’m miffed that SW was described as a genius analyst but what he has being doing seems to be more basic field work – though he was pulled from being a field agent due to the incident in China. Granted, he has made a couple of smart calls in recent episodes but they ain’t ingenious tactics. Well, the last episodes will be broadcast this weekend so I’m waiting to see how all this wraps up.