Monthly Archive: April, 2015

god of war zhao yun holds press conference

An official version of the trailer will most probably hit the Internet soon but for now, we’ll just have to be contented with clips recorded during the press conference. The trailer admittedly isn’t the most impressive… Continue reading

warm and cozy releases sunny first teaser

Haha. Funny. Yoo Yeon Seok is crackin’ me up with his ad-lib lies that comes as easily to him as breathing. Plus, he’s lazy while Kang So Ra is all hardworking. You can… Continue reading

orange marmalade drops second teaser

Awww… he crushes on her first. Don’t you love it when that happens??? Heh. Anyway, Yeo Jin Goo wonders why Seol Hyun doesn’t even as much spares him a glance when he is… Continue reading

liu wen + choi si won = cool + casual

Ha. I decided to watch the Liu Wen + Choi Si Won segment of the Chinese version of We Got Married…and it’s surprisingly good. I love Liu Wen as a model and seeing… Continue reading

assassination drops sharp-shooting trailer

Yay. The trailer has been released for Assassination and it looks to be firing on all cylinders. You can’t exactly go wrong with having charismatic male leads, excellent supporting cast and a lovely… Continue reading

nam joo hyuk is the stereotypical high school jock… but still love!

Okaaaaaay. I’m lovin’ the one-track minded cool dudes KBS is casting in their high school dramas. Woo Hyun remains my ultimate high school boyfriend, while Nam Joo Hyuk is absolutely endearing as Han… Continue reading

already warm and cosy

There must be something about Jeju… the latest stills of Kang So Ra in Warm And Cozy reminds me of Kim Ji Won in that great little Internet drama with So Ji Sub.… Continue reading

the shameless releases trailers

Ah. So that’s the decided English title of the Jeon Do Yeon’s and Kim Nam Gil’s new movie, which premiers next month. Of course, both fit their roles to perfection since Jeon Do… Continue reading

of money and friends…

I know Lee Seo Jin has his detractors but he’s totally wicked in Grandpas Over Flowers all the time. And I mean wicked in every sense. He was sooooo happy when the staff… Continue reading

killer summer ahead

Upcoming summer blockbuster Assassination reunites Jeon Ji Hyun with her former male co-stars, Ha Jung Woo and Lee Jung Jae. She and Ha Jung Woo played a  North Korean married couple-cum-spies in The… Continue reading

masked prosecutor holds first script reading

Joo Sang Wook. I say his name with a grin because he has been growing on me since he ventured into light-hearted fare. He stars with Kim Sun Ah in upcoming KBS’ drama… Continue reading

denim darling

One half of my beloved babies. Kim Sae Ron welcomed the beckoning warm weather with cut-offs and a cute denim jacket at  an event in Myeongdong. Sigh. Seeing all the promo activities for upcoming… Continue reading