Monthly Archive: Jun, 2015

low-key is lovely

Soo Ae and Joo Ji Hoon are hitting all my right notes in Mask. Haven’t enjoyed such functional, normal falling-in-love in such a looong time with non high-school dramas. Ji Sook and Min… Continue reading

seo hyun jin is sweetly sexy for marie claire

Awww… when I see Lee Jin Wook in his current drama, I can’t help thinking of the adorable rapport he had with Seo Hyun Jin. My klutzy Crown Princess looks so lovely for… Continue reading

lover to brother

WHAT. Now if Jo Hyun Jae was playing Kim Tae Hee’s leading man in upcoming Yongpal, the drama would be a must-watch for me. I like Jo Hyun Jae and he was cute… Continue reading

kim sae ron is street smart

LOVE. Totally lovin’ Kim Sae Ron’s styling for TBJ’s summer campaign and the BTS video is great, too. My baby is so pretttttty and really all grown up with that heavy makeup. It’s… Continue reading

the time i loved you drops more teasers ahead of premiere

The Time I Loved You dropped a few more teasers leading to the its premiere today over SBS. Still cute and still reminding me a little of I Need Romance kinda vibe. Maybe… Continue reading

bashful lee seo jin gives kim ha neul flowers

I’m so gonna watch the next episode of Three Meals A Day since I like Kim Ha Neul a lot, plus she has been out of the limelight for quite awhile. She has a movie… Continue reading

scholar who walks the night drops teaser

Lee Soo Hyuk. The only reason why I’ll sporadically check Scholar Who Walks The Night. The upcoming MBC drama released a nice teaser which encapsulated most of the main cast, which isn’t a… Continue reading

kim tae hee is almost back!

Well, Choi Ji Woo certainly wasn’t lying when she said she was close to Kim Tae Hee. The two A-list actresses hung out together recently and I’m soooo  happy Kim Tae Hee is… Continue reading

the time i loved you holds press conference

Lee Jin Wook is cracking me up with his wry confidence, evident in the stills for the press conference for The Time I Loved You. He’s going all the way for the buddy… Continue reading

cheesy lines cracks them up

I don’t blame Soo Ae and Joo Ji Hoon for cringing at the cheesy lines before their kiss – I was cringing too but was saved by the evocative acting of the actors and the… Continue reading

never-seen cut scenes of yi an + eun bi + tae gwang

Awwwwww. I love Nam Joo Hyuk’s low laughter that is both manly and infectious at the same time. These BTS cuts just prove that Eun Bi always had her heart set on Yi An… Continue reading

the time i loved you releases cute teaser

Can’t really think of a better word since Ha Ji Won is all girly and cutesy, which she hasn’t been in awhile. I kinda like bad-ass Ha Ji Won a whole lot more.… Continue reading