Monthly Archive: Jul, 2015

smokin’ guns at mrs cop press conference

Kim Hee Ae and Kim Min Jong were oozing effortless confidence and sophistication at the press conference of Mrs Cop. It puts a smile on my face to see how jovial and relaxed they seemed.… Continue reading

mrs cop releases long trailer

Mrs Cop actually looks good – I am wary of cop dramas, especially in Kdramaland. But maybe it’s because I totally dig the leads of Kim Hee Ae and Kim Min Jong. The… Continue reading

twenty again drops even cuter 2nd teaser

My first love is a wife and mother? Hahaha…and student in the college that you teach. It doesn’t get much worse or funnier. I love how Choi Ji Woo is so blissfully oblivious… Continue reading

i have a lover holds first script reading

Ji Jin Hee looks younger with his boyish haircut and less meat on his bones. The cast of I Have A Lover recently congregated to script-read for the first time. The OTP have… Continue reading

yong pal drops 3rd teaser

Well, Jo Hyun Jae’s character certainly spent a fortune to keep his half-sister in a coma based on that sci-fi ward he placed her in. I’m quite intrigued by the style of the drama so… Continue reading

strange slits and orange abound at yong pal press conference

The men looked good but I have mixed feelings about the ladies with those weirdly-designed slits. Makeup and hair were simple and pretty for both Kim Tae Hee and Chae Jung Ahn, and… Continue reading

high, high hopes for twenty again

tvN dropped the bts clip for the first script reading and poster shoot for Twenty Again and I’m halfway in love with the cast already. Choi Ji Woo looks fantastic with Lee Sang… Continue reading

yong pal introduces OTP characters

Tae Won: Is it a sin to do operations because of money? I’m saving human lives anyway! Yeo Jin: Are you trying to kill me because of money? Anyway, I do have money! And… Continue reading

yong pal dishes out stylish posters + appealing bts

I feel a slight disconnect between the posters and trailers rolled out by upcoming  SBS drama, Yong Pal – but that being said, love the sublime creativity poured into the posters. If the drama is… Continue reading

mrs cop is full of vintage, gritty pretty

Not sayin’ Kim Hee Ae and Kim Min Jong are old but they are no young starlets…but both are terribly charming. This is the first time I’m seeing Kim Hee Ae with strands… Continue reading

twenty again’s tall couple

Lee Sang Yoon ain’t short but Choi Ji Woo is almost eye level with him in flats. More pics from Twenty Again are being snapped and I guess the scenes so far are… Continue reading

rain gets teased mercilessly about kim tae hee

This is an old clip taken in 2014 when Rain dropped by 1 Night 2 Days but I thought it was soooooo cute that Rain was getting continuously ribbed about Kim Tae Hee. Trust the ajumma… Continue reading