crying crocodile tears


… for real. Yeo Jin lets Tae Hyun go, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to further stomach her ruthless tactics to take down her enemies. In her words, he is a “humanist”. Some solid acting by Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won, and with two more episodes to go, will they or will they not end up happily ever after? Since they kissed at the windmill place, I’m assuming they would. Won’t be surprised if they reunite there, too.

YJ heads back to the office and sends TH home. Awwwww… TH’s bodyguard is adorable and I love their bromance. YJ starts to battle it out with Daejung, which is the company of her ex’s father. She wins, thanks to astute business acumen and strategies. Meanwhile, TH comes up with a plan to get DJ out of the hospital. He manages to…but…


YJ is on her way home when Secretary informs her the hospital has called and before he can finish his sentence, YJ interrupts coolly, stating that TH probably helped DJ escape. Plus, Daejung is probably after them now, thanks to Secretary reporting to his counterpart at Daejung. YJ smirks – did he really think she wouldn’t know what he has been up to? I do like she  is one-up on everyone, even if it means losing TH in the process. YJ shares bitterly that to save Hanshin, she has to betray her husband.

Anyway, DJ ends up dead. CY and TH obviously think it’s YJ at work. TH returns home; YJ is having her dinner alone. He demands her to refute that she was the one behind DJ’s death. She doesn’t and divorce is brought up. YJ rattles on TH is a humanist above all and this is beyond him. She walks off but muses he must regretting saving her life that time. TH concurs that he does – ouch. Nice acting by KTH here. Well, JW, too. YJ resumes that his feelings of regret are expected since she was the one who killed his mother. TH is  momentarily stunned that she knows the truth.

yp16_2 yp16_4 yp16_5

Anyway, we get this whole flashback of their previous times together, which is really not needed but I guess they needed filler. The next day, the couple say their farewell in the garden. TH has somewhat cooled down and YJ begs him not to go. She knows he resents her for his mother’s death but TH gently reassures her that he doesn’t.

YJ asks him to reconsider…he can do anything he wants if he stays with her, to which TH asks her to drop everything and go away with him instead. YJ admits all they had shared cannot be exchanged for the chairman’s seat…but she has decided to remain as a crocodile. They hug and part, both in tears.

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YJ walks to the greenhouse where lavender is growing abundantly – thanks to TH. TH leaves, and YJ watches him from her window. She calls his bodyguard and orders him to take good care of TH. The next minute, Bodyguard is speeding after TH in a SUV, asking “Hyung” to hop in. Heh. Bodyguard grumbles he was fired because TH is no longer living in the house. HAHA. Once TH is in the car, Bodyguard questions whether TH has a house? Because right now, he has nowhere to live and have no means to get by. HAHAHAHAHA. Love these two together.

CY sends DJ off alone and looks revengeful. SIGH.

I guess CY will embark on her own revenge plan against YJ – unless she finds out that Daejung was behind DJ’s death, and not her sister-in-law.  I wonder how the series would have ended if there wasn’t an extension, but I guess there isn’t a point going there.

The writer has managed to pen a pretty watchable tale so far so I’m not too worried about the ending – unless it becomes an open ending…which I hate. Ever After or Forever Never, please… no in between. I was wondering whether TH’s character had been watered down for the past few episodes but I realise TH is just being TH throughout, with a sense of morality and responsibility  when it comes to saving lives as a doctor. I do think YJ let him go not because of noble idiocy – but because she is aware she will be more ruthless in dealing with her enemies and rivals as she leads Hanshin… and poor TH probably wouldn’t be able to endure such actions on her part if he stays. Unless he can accept and embrace her unconditionally for who she is, what she represents, he won’t be able to fully commit to her… and give her the ring.