wallace chung promotes silent separation in seoul


Wallace Chung in Seoul! According to him, he is currently filming in Korea – for his movie with Lee Min Ho, I guess? Anyway, he is so charming in this clip as he talks about going to different places in Seoul and how similar he is to his character in Silent Separation or My Sunshine, as it is also known. Well, he says he isn’t as cold and  a lot more easygoing in real life.

I didn’t last long for that drama since I’m less than neutral when it comes to Tang Yan, who seems to be everywhere at the moment. She is even starring in the movie with Wallace and Lee Min Ho. I did hear he nailed the character dead-on since he does these cold, ruthless characters so, so well. I still love him as Liu Li Cheng…. GAaaaaaaaah. I believe the drama is going to start showing in Korea, once a week. I would love to see him in a Korean melodrama with an actress I adore…I do think the Korean ladies may just fall in love with him, too.