Monthly Archive: Sep, 2015

how far should she go?

Apologies for erratic updates – rugby world cup season!!! I enjoyed Epiosde 15 quite a bit mostly because I enjoy the conversations between Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun, and the solid chemistry between… Continue reading

son ho joon + kim yoo jung for vogue

All I know is that these two are in some production called Secret and Vogue Korea has taken pretty pictures of them. Despite this being a couple shoot, I don’t know what their… Continue reading

four flying cuties

I don’t know why SBS released a barrage of BTS pics of Six Flying Dragons but I’m happy to indulge in some harmless eye candy. Jung Yoo Mi, Byun Yo Han, Yoo Ah In… Continue reading

kim sae ron for arena homme

I thought this shoot was for Allure or Elle but nope – Kim Sae Ron is all waifish ingénue for men’s magazine, Arena Homme. I’m more used to sexy-bordering-on raunchy spreads by this… Continue reading

dazzling temptation drops second teaser + cute teenage OTP visuals

It certainly takes a stretch of imagination to envision Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Sae Ron grow – or shrink – into Joo Sang Wook and Choi Kang Hee, respectively. Anyway, the second… Continue reading

friends to lovers…possible?

Ha I don’t get dramaland’s recent obsession with having friends turn into lovers, but I guess maybe the concept echoes well with many. tvN’s upcoming series Bubblegum stars Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo… Continue reading

from boy to warrior…

And we have our last two dragons – Shin Se Kyung and Yoon Kyun Sang. I like both teasers, especially Yoon Kyun Sang,who starts off rash and clumsy, before becoming the fierce protector… Continue reading

the most bittersweet, moving proposal…

So I was re-watching Jumong and damn… Jumong’s proposal to Soseono in Episode 73 made me sniff all over again. This rates as my favourite marriage proposal of all dramas. There is a… Continue reading

he loves her for who she is…

… does he? I’m a little surprised Tae Hyun is surprised at just how ruthless Yeo Jin can be. Anyway, I’m enjoying this drama way more now that Yeo Jin is not-so-sweet because… Continue reading

young + restless of the six flying dragons

I’m just love how Yoo Ah In sprouts sageuk speech so comfortably with conviction. We have he and Byun Yo Han up next and their character teasers are just as fab as their… Continue reading

cha in pyo strikes poses at d-day press conference

I haven’t been interested in jtbc’s upcoming drama D-Day because I thought there was no one I liked in the cast. I didn’t know Cha In Pyo would be playing a supporting role…… Continue reading

old boys club revealed in character teasers for six flying dragons

But fabulous old boys, they are. Kim Myung Min and Chun Ho Jin are Jung Do Jeon and Lee Seong Gye, respectively, in SBS’ upcoming sageuk, Six Flying Dragons. I’m trying to contain… Continue reading