Monthly Archive: Sep, 2015

angel of vengeance resurrected

Yup – we get our first sorta-split between our OTP. No scenes between our OTP in this episode but we have instead a lovely, heartbreaking scene between Yeo Jin and Chief Nurse. Or rather between… Continue reading

is he stalking her now?

Haha. A dorky Lee Sang Yoon is adorable, as we can see from the trailer of Episode 3 of Twenty Again.  I guess it isn’t only Choi Ji Woo experiencing her 20s again… Continue reading

saving lives… with tons of kisses in between

I ain’t going to complain about all that kissing going on between Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won. I kinda like it that their characters aren’t wasting time and pretending to act all bashful like most K-drama… Continue reading

time to dig up old loves part 2

  I must be feeling sentimental. Heh. Apart from the top three featured in my earlier post, I do have a few more OTPs that I love with almost all my heart. I… Continue reading

high school love strikes again

I almost mistook Kim Sae Ron’s new pic in Dazzling Temptation for one of her old ones from High School: Love On – the uniforms are so similar. Anyway, the first official stills of… Continue reading