Monthly Archive: December, 2015

jang young sil holds press conference + releases long trailer

Ohhhhh… so happy! I didn’t know Kim Sang Kyung was actually going to reprise his role as Sejong in the KBS drama Jang Young Sil – but he is! I thought the earlier trailers… Continue reading

tv awards season is here…

Yongpal is going win big this year at the SBS Drama Awards this year, no? Just an educated guess from its high ratings and how it was highlighted in the teaser for SBS’… Continue reading

madame antoine drops first teasers

The Han Ye Seul – Sung Joon JTBC drama won’t be broadcast until late January but we are able to catch a glimpse of the modus operandi of our quack fortune teller and legit psychologist. Is… Continue reading

to say sorry…or not

Descendants of the Sun’s first teaser is typical Kim Eun Sook. Song Joong Ki’s rather ambiguous “Should I apologise or confess?” statement reminds me helluva of Lee Min Ho’s “Do I like you?” in… Continue reading

blessed Christmas to all…

Well, I thought I’ll express my wishes in the time zone that I usually experience though it’s still Christmas Eve where I am right now. Here’s wishing everyone loadsa love, warmth, hugs, presents,… Continue reading

all is great…cheese in the trap episode 1 highlights teaser

Oh my… 2016 may just kick off on the right note for me after all – drama wise. I more than loved the teaser and the crazy, cute antics of the heroine as… Continue reading

cheese in the trap holds press conference

I love Kim Go Eun’s cheery confidence and she shines in every shot. She looks gorgeous.  tvN’s Cheese in the Trap held its press conference and what a mish-mash of style and outfits.… Continue reading

from five to nine ends as wonderfully as it starts

OHHH. Definitely my fave drama of 2015. Exquisite. I finally had time to finish the last two episodes and what a treat and oh-so-sweet. In the end, Takane indulges in a bit of noble idiocy… Continue reading

don’t forget me

Another memory loss tale but Don’t Forget Me seems set to be a bona fide tearjerker with Jung Woo Sung and Kim Ha Neul exhibiting mature, simmering chemistry built from experience. I’m lovin’… Continue reading

snide romance for cheese in the trap

Ooohhh. I like the latest teaser for Cheese In The Trap because I so dig it when the guy is all detached from the get-go and gradually warms up to the gal. He… Continue reading

madame antoine releases theatrical posters

This is really pretty but I hope the artistic direction is er… original, to be diplomatic. Jut sayin’ because I find the whole setup a little familiar but maybe it’s just me. The… Continue reading

jang young sil drops teaser

Song Il Gook is back in dramaland and in highly anticipated sageuk no less. He stars in KBS’ Jang Young Sil, about the famed scientist and astronomer who thrived in the Joseon era… Continue reading