Monthly Archive: February, 2016

only fools rush in marriage contract

Awww… I love that they used such a sentimental song ( Can’t Help Falling In Love With You) in the background for the second teaser of Marriage Contract, which is looking better by the… Continue reading

goodbye mr black drops 1st teaser

Hmmm… not the most adrenaline-pumping teaser and my interest is barely stirred. I like Lee Jin Wook and Kim Kang Woo knows how to straddles a bad-good dual persona with much ease. It is… Continue reading

one more week to marriage contract

There’s still a week to go before Marriage Contract premieres and there hasn’t been much promotions by MBC. So it was nice to come across this clip featuring Uee. She chats about her… Continue reading

bromance trumps romance

… And I hope it remains this way throughout Descendants Of The Sun. I liked the first episode very much because I have a huge interest in military-centred stories, and a soft spot for… Continue reading

first couple stills of marriage contract

I think these are the first stills of Lee Seo Jin and Uee in one frame for Marriage Contract. I’m moderately hyped about this drama because I like the leads.  Then again, I… Continue reading

all’s well with a happy home to kick off this weekend

MBC’s upcoming weekend drama boasts a stellar cast and I can’t really find a weak link. I love the teaser of the actors just expressing through their eyes how they feel about saying “Thank… Continue reading

page turner releases a trio of teasers

What a refreshing change of tempo. I thought Page Turner was going to be brewing with angst and theatrics,  but now it seems we have a naggy, saucy,  shrewish motor mouth in Kim So Hyun.… Continue reading

descendants of the sun holds press conference

Descendants of the Sun held its press conference, heralding its premiere on February 24 on KBS. Nothing unusual or unique about the fashion and I’m glad the men decided to stick to simple,… Continue reading

marriage contract drops moving first teaser

Darnnnnn. I think I’m going to watch this drama from start to finish even if I require a truckload of Kleenex. As much as I like Uee and she does seem to exhibit a new… Continue reading

coin locker couple!

Awww… Park Bo Geom and Kim Go Eun reunite to shoot a commercial and they are adorable and fuzzy together. The two starred as a naïve couple on the painful cusp of first love… Continue reading

come back, ajusshi holds press conference

The boys adorably and hilariously hammed it up. Honey Lee struck her pageant queen pose, with Oh Yeon Seo looking kinda cute in a mannish outfit. For some reason, everyone looked and felt fun,… Continue reading

nam joo hyuk is my cheese

I know I’ve been gushing and going daft over Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin in Cheese in the Trap, but I haven’t forgotten my gorgeous baby… Joo Hyukie! He is absolutely… Continue reading