hugs in the trap!!!


OMO. Park Hae Jin and Nam Joo Hyuk gave out free hugs at a special event to thank fans for the high ratings received by Cheese in the Trap. I wish I was one of those gals! I feel their absolute bliss. Now the ladies can experience a little how Kim Go Eun and Kim Sae Ron must have felt been enveloped in the arms of these hunks.  Well, even male fans turned up to embrace the handsome pair. I love Joo Hyukie’s laidback outfit and tousled hair. LOVE my  baby.

Awwwwww. I love how obliging and cheerful the actors were about their duty, and how they thanked each fan so politely. Hats off to them.

Check out NJH’s adorable reaction at 0:46 as one of the fans barrelled straight into his chest – and he catches and steadies her. HEH. The way he opens his arms in welcome and pats their backs while he hugs them is sooooo cute. I love him to bits. He’s such a sweetie pie…not to mention utterly gorgeous in my eyes. PHJ was such a gentlemen too and let’s just say he hugs Kim Go Eun vastly different, no? Totally different context but I just had to say it because I ship them in real life.

Enough said. Enjoy the love!

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