more hugs, less talk

citt11_3  Yoo Jung lets his hugs do the talking. Park Hae Jin lets his hugs induce the squee-ing. Goodness. The man can hug – and kiss – if he wants to. Tell me y’all didn’t melt into a huge puddle when he enveloped a crying Hong Seol into his arms and held on tight. Tell me y’all didn’t squee when he drop deep, legit kisses on her in his fluffy bed. Tell me y’all didn’t wish these two would date in real life.

When push comes to pain, only YJ can comfort and understand HS from inside, from deep within. Maybe because he was the first person who truly understood and recognised how earnest she has lived her life thus far and the first person who told her, “You are doing very well. You have done well.”

HS suffers a meltdown when her parents tell her to hand over her hard-earned money for her brother’s studies. That is the last straw and she finally breaks down and yells she is their child, too… ya know. She runs out of the house, sobbing. She calls BR but the latter is busy having a meal with her dad. HS sighs that sometimes she too doesn’t like being alone…

AND lo and behold…she sees YJ standing in front of her, her knight driving a white car. She stares at him, tears welling up in her eyes. He returns her stare, his eyes red and glistening with unshed tears. He mouths almost soundlessly, “Seol-ah. Have you been well?” That completely undoes her and she breaks into tears, running towards him. He runs towards her too and they meet in a bone-crushing embrace. HS sobs her heart out while YJ holds her as tight to him as possible. If possible, his very presence acts like a salve to her open wounds.

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They hang out in his car and YJ states succinctly that he misses her…lots. HS replies that she misses him too… loads. He smiles in relief and reaches out to hold her hand. HS smiles and uses her other hand to cover his, which makes YJ absurdly happy. Awwww…these two are adorable. HS doesn’t want to return home so YJ suggests they go for a drive.

They snack on sausages and when HS falls asleep later, YJ watches over contentedly, and reaches for her hand again. AWWWW. He’s killing me. HS wakes up the next morning in YJ’s plush bachelor pad, in his plush bed. HA. The first thing she worries about is her snoring, to which YJ quips he didn’t sleep the whole night.

When she confirms she isn’t going to school, YJ jumps in next to her and repeatedly tackles her as she tries to escape his clutches. CUTE. HS finally succumbs and YJ kisses her again soundly, asking whether he can start contacting her again. When she again confirms they are back on couple track, he lets out a yelp of joy. And hugs her again.

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WELL. I totally appreciate the fact that the PD lets his actors act like how a normal couple would. Kissing, hugging, kissing, hugging, hand-holding without much fanfare – just driven by hormones and passionate, spontaneous college love. Where everything can go wrong the next minute, but it is up to the couple to waddle through the difficulties, develop mutual trust, and hang on together. There’s more than skinship to this couple – there’s growth and maturity.

There is so little drama in their skinship, which makes their skinship all the more squee-worthy and moving. So much emotion and yearning bubbling under the surface with every hug, kiss and hand-hold. Such exquisite emotional-intellectual connection between the two. What’s there not to love?

And with PHJ and KGE displaying sublime chemistry and doling out confident, assured portrayals… this seemingly ordinary OTP has become extraordinary wonderful.