Monthly Archive: April, 2016

episode 1 trailer for mirror of the witch

I can’t see this drama faring that badly and I hope I’m right. JTBC has released the trailer for the first episode and the freaky kite heralds the first meeting of the OTP.… Continue reading

jin goo + kim ji won running with chemistry

Trailer for Running Man with Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo. Gosh, I love the scene of them getting their heads rammed by pot covers. HA. Anyway, I’m not surprised the couple was asked… Continue reading

mythical, whimsical

Even if I don’t like Mirror of the Witch in the end, I’m certainly loving its promo material. JTBC dropped more posters and they are gorgeous in colour and mood. I think Yoon… Continue reading

the flower in prison kicks off this weekend

I actually feel guilty I’m not feeling the least bit excited over upcoming MBC weekend sageuk, The Flower In Prison. It’s Go Soo’s comeback drama after the bizzarely-addictive Empire of Gold. I guess… Continue reading

kim so hyun + taecyeon?

EH? This is going be such a weird pairing if Taecyeon accepts tvN’s offer to star opposite Kim So Hyun in its upcoming paranormal rom-com. I love the boy but his image has always… Continue reading

more shots of kim sae ron + yoon shi yoon for cosmopolitan korea

A kind fan scanned the pictorial and we get more shots of the couple. Very tastefully done especially the shot with Yoon Shi Yoon close to yet barely leaning on Kim Sae Ron. You… Continue reading

oh hae young drops episode 1 trailer + hilarious music video

HA. I appreciate the production crew’s sense of quirky, cheesy humour and the cast’s easy charm. Besides Episode 1 looking all sorts of crackin’ fun and feels, the cast let loose and hammed it… Continue reading

a date outdoors

Thanks to Yoon Shi Yoon’s cheeky boyishness, I don’t really feel the age gap between he and Kim Sae Ron in the latest stills for Mirror of the Witch. I do find the… Continue reading

choi min ho for vogue korea

I don’t love Min Ho but I do like him enough for eye candy purposes since he’s steadily shedding his boyish image and becoming a little more manly by the day. Here he… Continue reading

jin goo + kim ji won to appear on running man

Awwww… how cute. Now that Descendants of the Sun has finished its run at KBS, Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won happily hopped across to SBS to do a variety turn for Running Man.… Continue reading

kim so hyun skips around Taipei for nylon

Cute outfits with my fave being the one she wears blue hightops. Kim So Hyun is pretty much on a roll, with well-received movies and dramas in recent months. She seems to be… Continue reading

oh hae young again releases awesome long trailer

I don’t know about you but I think the long trailer released by Oh Hae Young is all sorts of awesome. OTP? Check. Supporting cast? Check. Potential addictive factor? CHECK. This is how… Continue reading