review: page turner episode 2 >> i’m winner, you’re loser


I love the quaint development of the friendship between Yoo Seul and Cha Sik though I keep forgetting Yoo Seul is blind because Kim So Hyun doesn’t really act her that way. Nonetheless, Ji Soo practically implodes and explodes with such infectious, boundless energy that I can’t help but smile each time he appears on the screen.

CS is all hyped to get himself enrolled into the arts high school… which I think requires certain prerequisites other than enthusiasm and passion. Meanwhile, JM starts worrying for YS when other students comment it is her first day back at school after the accident and they wonder how she’ll manage without her sight.

He doubles back to YS’s house. YS is adamant about doing everything and going to school by herself – warning her mom not to follow or interfere with her. She heads out of her home, with JM trailing her silently. When he pulls her out of the way of motorbike, she yelps in fright and mistakes him for her mom. She chides him fiercely, ordering him (thinking he is her mom not to follow her. When a random ajusshi walks by, she yells at him ( thinking he is her mom – HA) not to follow her.


JM resumes following her from a distance, quietly helping her overcome obstacles along the way. YS finally reaches school and JM helps her change her shoes to slippers. His unexpected  kind gesture surprises his classmates. He goes to her defense again when she is bullied in the cafeteria. Damn.  Does no one care that she is blind and needs assistance and fundamental compassion?

CS arrives at the school and is awed by how different it is from his previous school. Of course, he isn’t allowed to enrol in the school. YS’s teacher opines that YS needs someone to help her along on a daily basis and when JM gets thrown out as a candidate, YS flatly disagrees. When JM asks why he won’t do, YS snaps that this issue is all about “helping” her – does he really think he can stomach such a thing? JM refutes, stating matter-of-factly it’s just helping her get around school and classes, and making sure she reaches home safely.  CS recognises them and lights up.

YS continues to reject JM’s offer of assistance – and CS jumps in, announcing he can be her guide. The other teacher gripes he isn’t even a student at the school, to which he retorts that the teachers would be calling YSM to guide her if no else does the job, and YSM ain’t a student at the school either – so why shouldn’t he be allowed? HAHAHAHA. He kinda makes sense in a rather endearing, straightforward manner.


YS recognises CS’s voice and rails that she doesn’t want either of the guys helping her. But when her teacher warns they would have to call her mom if she refuses both boys, she picks CS. CS totally goads and taunts JM, which is hilarious. Love how JS is packing his character with so much wholesome screwball goodness.

The kids are in class and JM observes YS… and CS rolls into his sight. HAHAHA.  CS reminds him “I’m Winner. You’re Loser. Take your eyes off her!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, the hysterics go on when CS likens Jean Sibilius’ name to a dirty swear word and mistakes allegretto for arigato. The other students snicker at his ignorance. YS is embarrassed and plugs in her earphones, causing CS to feel guilty for his academic cluelessness.

pt2_4 pt2_5

YS bumps into JM at the washroom and he wonders aloud what YS sees in the ignorant, bumbling CS. YS retorts it is not about her liking CS, but the person being anyone but him. JM suggests that they treat each other comfortably but YS comments his “kind” words to her feel like curses. She tells him she’ll consider treating him normally if she gets back her sight, which is never going to happen. Her voice wobbles the end despite her attempt at snug bravery, and JM catches on.

CS is happily waiting to take YS home on his bike but she informs him haughtily that she doesn’t need his assistance. He still keeps up with her though, taking the subway with her. He notes that she was embarrassed by his woeful ignorance earlier and promises that he’ll buck up. He boasts once he puts his mind to something, he can do it well. YS continues to ignore him and when they reach her station, she says he can stop following her. But she loses her sense of orientation and when CS voice out the right direction, she flips her hair and claims she so knew that. HAHA.

CS starts cramming and studying music, and posts letters to his dad in between. The cramming pays off as he confidently rattles off all the various musical terms and names of composers. He utilises his athletic abilities to punch a flying ball away before it hits YS. The other guys compliment him and YS is grudgingly impressed. Honey, if only you could see how what a hunky jock he is…


YS turns down his offer to escort her home again, but changes her mind once CS intervenes and defends her against a loud encounter with a stranger and a snappy dog.  She grabs hold of his hand desperately and begs him to escort her home. She also agrees to ride on his bike, as she injured her ankle in the earlier encounter.  They peddle through a picturesque park. CS asks her to hold tight and she does with one hand, the other hand stretched out to feel the breeze passing by.

pt2_7 pt2_8

Knowing her mom would disapprove CS on sight, YS urges him to leave but her mom comes out of their home and sees CS. He introduces himself boisterously and YSM acts civil in front of him.  But behind closed doors, she screams at her daughter for mixing with such an uncouth guy. CS overhears them. When YSM yells that she should be practising her playing, YS finally cracks and bursts out all those awards and prizes she won were not won for herself – but for her mom.  YSM is stunned and later, when she looks at all the photos taken, she discovers YS isn’t smiling in any of them.

The next morning, CS comes calling all cleaned up, purple streak in his hair gone. Why??? I liked it so much. HAHA. He is hilariously serious about how YSM is so critical about his “fashion sense” and vows he will get it right one day. Hehehehehe. He is sooooo adorable. YS comes out and CS tucks her hand into his pocket and off they go. Awwww… that is just so cute.

pt2_9 pt2_10

YS muses whether she needs to apologise on her mom’s behalf and CS counter proposes that she does something for him instead. He brings to her to underground piano and requests that she plays something. She initially refuses but when he goes on and on, she gets annoyed enough to agree. HAHAHAHAHA. Love KSH is so shrewish here. Her fancy warm-up scales earns her a “WOW! DAEBAK!” from CS….which is pure comedic for its OTT-ness. It’s like she’s a reincarnation of Mozart to him. Hehehehe.

YS starts playing… and she looks as if she is truly enjoying herself and immersed in the beauty of the piece. CS is impressed and mesmerised by both player and piece. She warns him not to let her mom know that she played the piano. He shares his experience with his mom, and divulges he has been having a recurring dream for the past few days.

In school, a perverted male classmate tries to take a video of YS changing clothes in the classroom. It’s pure meanness that her female classmates aren’t looking out for her. JM catches the guy and socks him hard, injuring his hand. At home, his dad is indifferent to his injury and JM pounds the keys in angst.

CS wants to join a piano competition and asks YS to help him. She snidely comments he can’t play at all and declares it is utterly impossible for him to join the competition. He is determined to prove her otherwise. He takes her to the underground piano and apologises politely before princess-carrying her to sit at the piano. He places her hands on top of his and starts playing tentatively.

We are shown flashbacks on how he practised endlessly – we are to assume he’s a protégé here because it is pretty impossible to go from zero to playing such a difficult piece in a few days. He gets the feel and notes right though he’s lacking rhythm, which can be learned. YS realises gradually as he plays that CS does possess some raw, natural talent and seems moved by the raw earnestness of his playing. And CS reveals in a voiceover that his recurring dream comprised he and YS playing a duet…both enjoying the process and partnership. AWWWWWWWW. It’s such a sweet, simple dream that speaks volumes.


When he finally hits the final key, he asks whether she still thinks it is impossible feat for him to join the competition. She smiles incredulously and replies she thinks it is totally possible now.


What a lovely, lovely drama. Both JM and CS understand YS – but JM’s understanding is based on years of interaction with YS, while CS is purely intuitive. This intuition is what touches YS and inspires her emotional and psychological recovery. It also reignites her love for music. The absence of romantic attraction (for now) makes it even better – it’s just about two wounded youths learning to get back on their feet again.

The attractiveness of CS’s character is his simplicity and refreshing lack of pretentiousness. He says what he feels, does what he says – and it is so easy to root for him, more so for being such a sweet protector to YS. His “can do” spirit is infectious and admirable since he has so much self belief in himself despite his lack of formal music training.

On a more superficial note, YS is so in for a wonderful shock when/if she regains her sight and discovers what a hunk her protector is… HA!