kim ji won for the star


I’m trying to think of an actress (excluding the idol-actress variety like Yoona) around Kim Ji Won’s age that I like or like better than her… not many. I can only think of Kim Go Eun at the moment who is honestly, inn another league altogether. Anyway, Kim Ji Won switches out her army fatigues for high fashion and wet hair. I’ve seen the hard copy of the fashion spread and loved it much so I decided to share it here, together with the BTS video.

KJW is feminine without trying too hard to be extra sweet, docile or demure. She can be edgy and sexy without coming across affected, too. Plus she is blessed with a natural, engaging warmth which no doubt works seamlessly in her favour when it comes to churning out chemistry with her male co-stars. She had it with Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin in Heirs; she is showing the similar rapport with Lee Joong Ki and Jin Goo.

She has done quite a number of really lovely spreads over the last couple of months – will slowly post the rest to avoid overkill.

kjw3 kjws1 kjws2