kim yoo jung confirmed as park bo geom’s leading lady


Errrr… How did we go from Kim Ji Won to Kim Go Eun to… Kim Yoo Jung??? My interest in upcoming fusion sageuk Moonlight Drawn By Clouds has dropped by like 90 per cent after hearing the news despite it being headlined by the cute Park Bo Geom.

To be honest,  I would be excited still about this drama if the role went to Kim So Hyun or Kim Sae Ron since they could probably pull off a convincing romance with PBG. But KYJ….hmmm. I know she’s talented but she still has that naïve, child-like air about her that makes it difficult for me to imagine her in  any “adult” leading role, embarking on a grand romance, no matter how youthful and innocent. I thought she was awkward with Baron in Angry Mother though they barely did anything.

I know PBG is akin to a clueless little boy in real life but I have seen those kisses he shared with Hye Ri in his Reply Me stint. I guess it would have been more conceivable if KYJ was paired with Yeo Jin Goo, but the boy has been making out with noonas over the last couple of years and ain’t lookin’ back. I don’t see him doing chaste pecks on cheeks any longer. Last I remembered, he was happily smoochin’ Seol Hyun in Orange Marmalade.

HMMMM. I don’t know. This casting feels like a letdown with all the previous rumours swirling around about potential leading ladies being KGE and KJW. They seemed more than suitable in terms of age and maturity. And well – the all important chemistry.The vibe of the drama went from chic to… white bread. Maybe PBG could be the actor who can successfully help KYJ transit into more mature roles…but I’m still a little sceptical. I’m not bothered by the six-year age gap since KSH  and KSR did fine with Nam Joo Hyuk; just not sure whether KYJ can similarly do the same. It may be a tad easier with PBG since he isn’t exactly of the alpha male realm…we’ll see.