crazy veteran cast for dear my friends


Goodness I don’t even know where to start since practically half of my fave veteran beyond veteran actresses are congregating to star in tvn’s upcoming drama about living the twilight life well – Dear My Friends. There is something incredibly moving and quietly powerful seeing all of them together at one go, smiling and laughing, being so comfortable in their own skin. A collective class act by miles.

All these ladies were beautiful in their younger heyday and are each exuding so much serene elegance that I feel awed by the boundless talent that is going to permeate from the drama, episode by episode. Maknae of the gang of gals is Ko Hyun Jung, with veteran male stars Shin Goo and Jo Hyun being the fortunate men able to hang out with such a cool bunch of ladies. Jo In Sung, Song Dong Il and Lee Kwang Soo will make special appearances.

Cosmopolitan Korea is going to do a special feature on them and I’m amazed they managed to get all these busy stars together for a few hours since all are stalwart “parents” in the various dramas and movies.