oh hae young again releases awesome long trailer

ohyp8I don’t know about you but I think the long trailer released by Oh Hae Young is all sorts of awesome. OTP? Check. Supporting cast? Check. Potential addictive factor? CHECK. This is how rom-coms should be. Equally parts hilarious and heartfelt.

I’m feeling all the super duper good, zippy feels of the last rom-com I was mad about – Marriage Not Dating. And well, Oh Hae Young Again is helmed by the same nifty, sharp PD who directed the former. I didn’t even realise I was chuckling throughout until the five-minute trailer until I finally guffawed out loud.

It may too early to say this yet but I was glad to see the initial encounter between the two Oh Hae Youngs as adults did not scream bitchiness or arrogance. Just two gals with the same name who went to high school together… with one unfortunately, perpetually not as popular or pretty as the other.

Eric and SHJ are already showing glimpses of quirky yet sweet chemistry in the few scenes we get of them and as usual, SHJ is just so heartrendingly emotive and relatable in the more solemn scenes. Throw in Kim Mi Kyung as SHJ’s mother… double the awesome and side-splitting comedy. Love, love her.

Can’t. Wait.