perfect aim + imperfect hugs steal the show

Ye Ji Won’s spot-on throwing ensures that Kim Ji Suk doesn’t have to endure a another near miss of his family jewels. So that scene/throw was taken in one take and for the chasing scene, Kim Ji Suk complains-compliments that Noona has incredible stamina and speed. This drama has some of the most fun, ridiculous side characters.

Time for the hilariously awkward run-jump-hug-twirl. SHJ notes Eric looks scared at her dry run and he laughs sheepishly. They do a real run and it looks good. SHJ is so embarrassed that she wails that she doesn’t want to see the final product. Eric politely helps her up and aww… he’s such a sweet gentleman. Everyone bursts out in laughter when the scene is replayed on the camera.

Until tonight!