preview: mirror of the witch episode 5


After last week’s tragic end to Choi Hyun Seo, we get on with the story. That being said, it was heartbreaking to see Choi Hyun Seo and his band of brothers sacrifice their lives for Yoon Hee and inevitably, their nation. And when Choi Hyun Seo wished Yoon Hee Happy Birthday just before running off to meet his death with Shaman Priestess… aishhhhh! Mayhap he didn’t die?

Back to the preview, the plot starts to kick into full gear now since we have all our main characters aligned to the main story: Yoon Hee is no longer powerless; Heo Jun isn’t the happy-go-lucky dude anymore; and Poong Yeon recovers without having recollection of his last, deranged encounter with Yoon Hee.