say you miss me…


There is a lot to love and squee about this week’s episodes of Oh Hae Young Again – like that sexy, charged moment in the dark corner and when Do Kyung admitted he was worried for Hae Young, wanting her to come home. But there is also quite a bit to dislike, predominantly how Hae Young seems to be little vindictive when it comes to Hae Young 2 and Do Kyung. I understand her anxiety but I think it more important for Do Kyung to settle everything with Hae Young 2 first, his own feelings and state of mind, before embarking on anything with Hae Young. If anything else, Do Kyung needs closure. Do Kyung seems to want to do that, while I think Hae Young rushing and pressuring him to just ignore Hae Young 2 and live happily ever after with her isn’t really the smartest solution in the long run.

HY1 decides to wake up at the crack of dawn… to make bento sets for DK from scratch. HA. But she can’t do it at home since DK would probably hear her so off she goes to her parents’. HYM knows immediately who the bento sets are for and wastes no time in helping her prep the food. Dad gets pulled in and we have an assembly line…to make lunch for one man. HAHAHA.

HY1 gives DK the pretty packed lunch, stating it is for her new lamp and the broken window. After shuttling up and down the stairs several times with indecision, DK finally snatches the bento sets along with him. HEH. Meanwhile, HY1 suffers at work from her dawn cooking session, and shares the extras with her colleagues. DK reluctantly offers his bento sets to his colleagues when they break for lunch. They all guess the lunch was packed by “that woman” whom he twirled around and compliments that the food tastes good. Hoon bugs him to take at least a bite since HY1 will definitely whether he liked her handiwork. He does and ends up polishing a good part of the food.

Later that evening, DK bumps into HY1 near their home. Awww… his literally turns to putty at the sight of her. She’s happy that he brought the bento sets to work and they walk back home together. DK mumbles that the food was delicious and HY1 cannot help but crack a pleased, snug grin. They stop to admire the falling cherry blossoms.

They are interrupted by a French-sprouting, sloshed Boss and DK quickly yanks HY1 into a dark corner to avoid being seen. His hand seeks hers unconsciously as he inches closer and closer to her. When a passing motorcycle floods their hidey corner with light, DK quickly spins around to cover HY1… which brings them to super kissable space. DK is finally aware how close together they are standing. He swallows hard while HY1 holds her breath. His eyes kee darting down to her mouth and back up too her eyes. AISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I dunno but I swear Boss saw them and decided to hang in the alley a little longer just so they will sweat a little longer.



Boss stumbles away and DK takes a step back… just slightly enough for them to get into steamy kissy zone. They stare at each other…and I was screaming away since DK looked like he really, really wanted to kiss her. He always seem to lose a little control when he is in too-close proximity with HY1. Like he told his shrink – HY1 unravels him. And DAMN… Eric and Seo Hyun Jin have some charged chemistry here. The couple break apart and leave their hidey corner. But JS creeps out from the same corner a few seconds later. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Was he hiding from the fearsome Noona too?


JS is stunned-disgusted to see the bento sets and DK shoots eye lasers at him to warn him to shut his gab in front of HY1. JS doesn’t understand why DK is hiding if there is nothing between he and HY1. When the two men are alone, JS bursts out that DK is messing with two HYs that actually know each other…and gripes HY1 hasn’t been single for long and here she is making packed lunches for another man. DK yells at JS to stop and the latter demands bluntly whether DK likes HY1. DK’s silence might as well be a huge, blinking “YES” sign and JS can’t believe what he is hearing…or not hearing. JS reminds him that TJ is getting out of jail soon…and that somewhat sends DK crashing back to reality.

DK receives an email from HY2 and he learns what made her balk on their wedding day – a voice recording of DK quarrelling with his mom, declaring that he doesn’t care whether for the difference between love and pity when it comes to HY2. Meanwhile, HY1 bumps into an overeager dude who sets his sights on her on a public street. AWWWWWWW… it’s Yeon Woo Jin!!!! As Gong Ki Tae.. hahahahaha. But a lawyer instead of a plastic surgeon. HY1 is flattered at first but starts to suspect something fishy.


Well… he’s JS’s friend sent to lure her away from DK.URGH. What a lame plan – but not really shocked JS would come up with something like this. JS rattles off how unsuitable HY1 is for DK and hits a raw spot when he comments DK is only interested in her because she shares the same name as his ex. And now that HY2 is back on the scene… HY1 just lets out a huge scream of frustration and marches out.

DK gets HY2’s number from his noona. He is about to call HY2 when HY1 calls him and orders him not to meet HY2. They converse through the phone through they can see each other. He bristles at that until she confesses she likes him and that’s why she hates the notion of he seeing HY2 again. This riles DK enough to stalk out of his car, spitting fire. But HY1 takes him to task and why he is being so nice to her then? He snaps it is because he feels sorry for her and she is fine with that – as long it isn’t because she shares the same name as his former lover.


DK yells that he doesn’t like her one bit and HY1 calls him a fool. She states one day he’ll cry because of her and she hopes that will truly happen one day. URGH. I don’t really like that last statement though I kinda know what she means. She walks away and DK is suddenly hit with all his visions of her at once… and he physically reels from the force of it. This enrages him further and he chases her down, ordering her to move out. When she refuses, he retorts he will do so. HY1 calls him childish and cheap, and slams the door in his face.

They both brood. HY’s parents come to visit, all primped up just to barbeque pork belly with their daughter. HY1 sees her mom all dressed up and with full makeup on and slyly inquires whether her parents are heading to a motel later??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

They kick off their meal and when DK hears the sizzling of meat, he breaks into HY1’s apartment with an accusing finger…pointed straight at Dad. Hehehe. He quickly adjusts his point to HY1. Her parents insist he joins them and when they start to go all gaga over DK, she screeches that DK doesn’t like her. That gets Mom in a tizzy and she scolds both her daughter (for liking a man who does not like her) and DK (for not liking her daughter).

HY1 goes for a broody bike, wishing all the other women in the world dead so that she is only one standing. URGH. I think she’s way over her head here and being a bit too vindictive and feeling too victimised – though I again understand why she is so upset. She seems to be running away from the problem – her own feelings need to be examined first before she points a finger at DK. For his part, I do think he wants to settle his own feelings first with regard to HY2 since she totally did a number on him. As DK waits for HY1 to return, he sees a vision in which HY1 says she met TJ.

What a totally random, but hysterical exchange between JS and Boss. HAHAHAHA. Love how blithe she is about flashing him. A troubled DK asks JS to check whether TJ has been released from prison. He heads off to meet HY2 and they sorta make peace. HY2 suggests they end things nicely but having a table-tennis contest – which is something they did last time. JS calls DK and informs him TJ is indeed out of prison.

HY1’s presentation at work gets dissed and her mood turns even blacker when HY2 tells her she met DK earlier in the day. She asks whether HY1 will be okay with she and DK meeting each other for awhile? HY1 flatly replies she won’t be okay with it and walks away. DK calls Boss to ask whether HY1 is wearing a blue top that day – Noona confirms she is. And DK realises HY1 will meet TJ soon.

TADA… HY1 bumps into a very contrite-looking TJ at the bus-stop. And when she blurts out they should have a meal sometime, he readily agrees. But she sees a pretty girl in the car he was in and feels even more put out. She goes into a trance and staggers all over the place. DK gauges where she is with the help of his vision and when he finally finds her, she is doing her signature fearless walk across a traffic-heavy road.

DK catches up with her and HY1 dazedly says she wants to have a meal. She stuffs herself with food as DK anxiously waits for her to utter the magic words – she does. She did run into TJ. HK1 ends up puking later and DK buys her medicine, which she doesn’t touch. Meanwhile, we find out JS is fluent in French and knows what Boss has been babbling away all this while. HEHEHEHEHE.

TJ’s mom calls HYM up and mentions TJ is back – she thinks he went travelling. His mom beseeches HYM to ask HY1 to reconsider getting back together with TJ. HYM does so and HY1 admits she was dumped the day before her wedding. Her parents are devastated. DK ends up in front of HY’s parents’ place and is incensed when he sees TJ there, too. TJ leaves without attempting to see HY1 and DK trails his car. DK is reminded of how TJ treated HY1 and slams his car hard into the back of TJ’s car. ERRRR… someone has anger management issues.


TJ recognises him and you can’t blame the poor guy for being so bewildered at how DK seems to be targeting him for no reason at all. DK snorts that sending TJ to jail wasn’t done on purpose but crashing into his car was. Just realised the writer has not explained why HY2 was with TJ in Paris after she skipped her wedding. Probably just good friends hanging out together? Anyway, DK lets TJ beat him up into pulp.

HY1 and her awesome parents let it all go during a furious karaoke session – until they literally lose their voices. HY1 gets a call from DK and he brusquely asks her why she isn’t home yet. HY1 responds coldly she wants him to say he is worried for her – he complies. But he doesn’t waver when she orders him to say that he misses her. She hangs up the phone on him when he just repeats that he wants her to come home.


DK senses/hears a car crash – rather than seeing it in a vision. That sends him worry meter way up and he calls HY1 again. He tells her to stay where she is and he’ll come get her. From the background sounds, he can tell she’s somewhere along the Han River. RIGHTTT…The Han River ain’t a fifty-metre long pool but oh well.

HY1 decides to wait for DK and he appears, all relieved to see her unscathed. They journey in silence, sneaking sideway glances at each other ever so often. HY1 notices DK’s bruises and inquires mildly whether he fought with someone – if only you knew, gal. DK sends her back to her parents’ place and HY1 says she won’t continue with what she has being doing any longer – that is liking and sticking to him. She asks whether he has any last words – he tells her to be careful with cars. He leaves.


DK hears that sickening car crash sound again and visits his shrink. DK figures that his latest premonition has nothing to do with HY1 – but him. He later sees a vision of he and HY1 having a wild fight and he swooping down to kiss her with purpose.

I’m wondering since DK can sorta see the future – can he not stop certain things from happening? Like he could stop himself from kissing HY1 when that moment/scenario descends upon him. So far he hasn’t been trying to change or stop anything…so I’m wondering whether he has the ability to change the future he sees in his vision.

ANYWAY- before I go on, that kiss looks pretty hot though done in anger. You can sense DK’s hunger and all those emotions that he has been keeping at bay finally bubble to the surface and explode big time. But then again, HY1 looks mighty furious so mayhap she found out that he was the one who ruined her wedding?

As much as I love the chemistry and interaction between HY1 and DK, I’ll call a spade a spade and say that DK is obviously a rebound for HY1 after her nasty breakup with TJ. From her reaction to seeing TJ again, it is clear as day that she hasn’t cleanly gotten him out of her system. So when she finds out the real reason why TJ dumped her – what then? Make up with TJ or go with DK? Who does she truly love?

DK, despite the lack of closure with HY2, has had time to simmer and mull over his loss, thus I feel his feelings for HY1 stems from true interest and affection, rather than guilt or pity. He doesn’t want to get back together with HY2 – that much is evident. But he is keen on wiping the slate clean so he can start afresh…and in his mind, he wants to do that with HY1. But there’s still TJ to contend with. DK will have to find out how much he means to HY1 when he is stripped and laid bare, when all his deception and involvement with her wedding fail come to light. Would she understand or believe him if he insists that he likes her for who she is, no strings or baggage attached?

But there’s also DK’s anger management issues – I mean crashing into TJ was uncalled for and an idiotic thing to do though he was driven by TJ’s mistreatment of HY1…which was ultimately caused by he and JS? I do think DK is punishing both TJ and himself in that road rage incident…DK knows he’s taking the cowardly way out by taking it out on TJ, and by not confessing to HY1 about everything…which infuriates and renders him helpless at the same time.

I do adore that scene where DK finds HY1 at the Han River and they spend their journey in silence. It wasn’t an awkward silence – it was more of HY1 letting DK off easy, aware that DK does have feelings for her though he doesn’t want to talk about it. She has that little smug look on her face from the moment she sees that he rushed all the way down to the Han River just to make sure she was okay. She knows – he knows she knows. It is scenes like these where no conversation is needed and yet the feelings of the characters are made explicitly known to the viewers… that make me love dramas like this drama.